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Circle Business cards with ultra thick paper

How Do I Make My Business Cards Stand Out?

If you take a look at a person’s desktop you will most likely see it crammed full of files. Browse through their cloud storage and you will have to browse through thousands of jpegs, docs, mp3s and much more. We have all become digital hoarders. Since everything is digital, more and more of us want clean clutter free desks. In a post-Marie Kondo world, we are all constantly shuffling through our physical papers and happily recycling what we don’t need. So what happens to business cards? They get chucked in the trash can pretty quickly.

 If you are aware that your customers will be quick to throw out extra waste, how can you keep your business cards from the recycling bin? What ways can you design your card to bring joy to the recipient every time they pick it up?Here at Gold Image Printing, we have thought long and hard on how to make business cards stand out. Check out our 7 tips below:

1. Make it Weigh Something

Don’t opt for cheap and light paper. A solid feeling business card will be more memorable in your customer’s hands. The heavier the paper, the stronger the impression. Gold Image Printing offers a very popular Ultra Thick Business Card  that is sure to stand out from our standard business cards.

2. Add Texture

Even with their eyes closed your customers will know a business card by it’s predictable sharp corners and its gritty matte surface. Their eyes will fly open in surprise if they feel something entirely different. The tactile experience of the customer is just as important in leaving a good impression as the visual experience. There are so many ways to add texture. You could raise the surface with Embossed business cards, Raised foil business cardsRaised Spot UV Business Cards. You can overlay the surface with a lamination to create a feathery feel like our  Soft Touch Business Cards.

Square size business card
Embossed business cards

Change Up the Size

Stretch your imagination by choosing different sizes in your next order of business cards. Try Gold Image Printing’s Mini Business Cards. These modern looking cards are reminiscent of computer chips or tablets. We offer several mini sizes, and even allow you to submit your own custom quote for a uniquely sized card. Remember a special size will make the customer look twice.

Add Bling

Sometimes the best way to stand out is to catch the eye of your customers. There may be times where your business card is displayed against many, many other competing cards. An elegant splash of silver gold or even a hologram will delight your audience. Our Digital foil business cards or Metallic shimmer business cards are a great place to start with this specialty. Keep in mind at Gold Image Printing almost every card in our business card printing services has the option of adding foil on the card. 

Digital Gold Foil cards

5. Die Cut Your Cards

One of the most unique ways to keep your business card at the top of the pile is to abandon the rectangle standard shape altogether. Are you a business that sells a particular item, for instance t-shirts? Design your business cards in the shape of smart looking shirts. Perhaps you are a more modern company with a sleek presence? Try a Circle business card, or any Die cut business cards,

6. Paint the Edges

Most business cards will be piled up on a receptionist’s counter, on a lobby desk or by a register. The problem with the pile is that the customer may not look down to pick up the individual card. Edge painted business cards can solve this problem. Edge painting is the technique where we paint the edges of the card a vibrant color of your choice. We recommend ordering a few stacks of differing colors to match your logo color scheme. These look so attractive and professional stacked neatly on your display table at a trade show. 

7. Keep it Minimal

A final way to make your business card be remembered long after the others is to keep the info minimal. Your goal here is for your customer to remember your company in a favorable way. With the ease of the web, a customer can easily search your company on any web browser and instantly find relevant information like phone numbers, addresses etc. This information used to be necessary to put on a card but now you simply need to leave an impression and your company’s name. Minimize your information which will leave a deeper impression. 
Whether you use all seven tips or just one, you are on the way to making your business cards stand out. Business cards that stand out mean more customers and business for you. We know you will be more than satisfied with your new and improved business cards so we suggest your order a lot! Order Bulk offset business cards, because the more you order, the more you save.