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Order high-quality, custom printed product boxes from Gold Image Printing and you'll never go back to wholesale! We have a vast selection of product boxes made with reliable cardstock, rich color printing, design templates to help you out, and plenty more where that came from! As you read on, you'll discover all the marvels of the product boxes of our Custom Packaging Services. At any time through reading this or ordering your product, feel free to reach out to us with a custom quote if you have any questions, concerns, or special requests!

Common Paper Stocks And Sizing

First and foremost, it is important to note that no matter what options you may at times seem limited to in the standard shopping cart of our printed boxes, we are not limited to the paper options in the standard carts. Supply your own cardstock, or have a look through all our paper stocks and submit a custom quote with what you're after. For such orders, it's important to keep in mind that your order minimum, cost, and shipping time may be affected. The most common materials for our product boxes are 14pt to 18pt C1S White Cover. 

We are also not limited to the shopping cart sizes; we can do all sorts of sizes! For custom sized printed boxes, please have your die lines ready as soon as possible or when you request that custom quote. Each product-specific product box has its own unique dimensions! Some of our most commonly used sizes for product boxes include: 

  • L 0.63" x W 0.63" x D 5.5"
  • L 1.35" x W 1.35" x D 4.25"
  • L 1.5" x W 1.5" x D 6.22"
  • L 2" x W 2" x D 4.75"
  • L 2" x W 3" x D 1.125"
  • L 2.5" x W 2.5" x D 1.94"
Design Help 

Looking for design help? Our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Custom Packaging Ideas is a fantastic place to get started! Those who have photos or graphics ready and waiting to be applied to your design should first check out our Artwork Guidelines so you make the most out of our services. As the leading online printing company, Gold Image Printing is happy to also offer free design templates for all your product boxes printing needs! Simply download the template size that works for you and edit away with your favorite design software! If you still find yourself in need of some extra help for designing your product boxes, feel free to reach out with a custom quote and our team of designers will help you make product boxes that are well-suited to your product and company!

Types of Product Boxes

Standard Product Boxes And Their Unique Benefits

Our vast selection of different types of product boxes will never leave you wanting. When you order custom product boxes online with Gold Image Printing, you're opening yourself up to a whole world of splendor! Even if you don't want product boxes made for one of the listed products, you can start things off with Standard Product Boxes.

Do you have a sweet tooth? Order some of our Chocolate Bar Boxes! Looking to improve the quality of your beauty and cosmetics printed boxes? We've got Lipstick Boxes, Eyeliner Boxes, Face Cream Boxes, and even Soap Boxes! When you create your own custom boxes, you'll note how impressive your final products will look, especially when you start from one of these specialized product fields. Looking to push your customers toward an evening or afternoon of relaxation? Order plenty of Candle Boxes, CBD Boxes, Tincture Boxes, and Vape Boxes!

Adding Specialties to Your Product Boxes

In addition to the large selection of different product boxes we offer above and all their marvelous customizations, we also have the bonus option of adding elegant specialties to your product boxes! 

Enjoy custom printed boxes that feel soft or velvety in your hand when you add on soft touch laminate or velvet lamination. Want to make customers do a double take when they see your custom boxes? Add a spot UV coating, whose high gloss finish will turn heads! You can also opt for box printing that stands out from the rest by using white ink against a darker backdrop. This is a cool way of taking advantage of Custom Packaging Ideas (learn more on our  Gold Image Printing Blog)! You'll learn to rely on us for all your product boxes since we are the box printing company that gets customization right! You will feel the tactile differences with options like letterpressing, embossing, debossing, and foil stamping (using our foil color chart)! Looking for a shine without the tactility? Opt for our digital foil (limited colors)! 

While not a printing process, our corporate account is a specialty option that allows you to have your own custom printing portal for all your future product boxes and printing needs. No more wholesale custom printed boxes! Instead, you'll only be getting the utmost custom printed product boxes, tailored to your every desire! 

Do any of these specialties sound exciting? If you'd like to add any of them to the products above, just let us know what you're after with a request for a custom quote. Should you want a completely blank slate from which to design your own product boxes, we recommend going for our Standard Custom Product Boxes and building up from there!

Ordering Printed Boxes

Customization Options

When you order product boxes from Gold Image Printing, you'll be able to customize their size, material, color printing, designs, templates, specialties, and more! Choose order quantities ranging from 50 to 2,000+. For extra-large orders you'll need to reach out to us for a custom quote. Shipping time for standard orders is about 5-7 business days. Please note that shipping time may vary by location so you can plan accordingly. With all these customization options available at your fingertips, we are confident you'll have a fantastic experience when ordering with us!