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Custom Flag Printing

Your business needs to grab attention in the best possible way - and what could be better at signaling customers far and wide than customized Custom Flag Printing? Using display flags for advertising is a tried-and-true marketing method since they’re hard to miss from any direction, making them perfect for busy roadsides, beckoning customers in as they flutter in the breeze. At Gold Image Printing, we offer Custom Flag Printing services that accommodate every design style, whether bright and colorful or elegant and minimal. Maybe your car dealership is looking to boost sales with Outdoor Flags stationed in the lot, or perhaps you need to display your sponsor’s logo with Backpack Flags as you climb that mountain peak. Whatever your need may be, our printing will get you where you need to be. Get on-demand flag printing in any size, shape, or style through the leading online printing service, Gold Image Printing!

Material And Sizing

To get that flag to flutter, you need to start with the right material. Our custom Flag Printing can be done on several types of weather-resistance fabric, including 90 GSM knitted polyester, 100 Denier lined polyester, and 4 oz polyester. As for sizing, bigger tends to be better when it comes to outdoor Custom Flag Printing that needs to be seen from a long distance away. Backpack Flags are more compact flags to keep them light and portable, but our options range in size, up to 13.5’ tall on our larger-than-life Teardrop Flags.

Design Help 

You’ll find that custom printed flags are a little different than most printing projects. For starters, Large Format Printing jobs like Custom Flag Printing aren’t printed on your run-of-the-mill office printer - they require a high-tech, specialty printer that can handle unusual sizes and materials. (Want to learn more about large-format printing? Read this post, What is Large Format Printing?, on our Gold Image Printing Blog.) It can be hard to know where to start as you design your custom marketing flags. This is where Gold Image Printing steps in to make Custom Flag Printing a cinch! We offer free, downloadable design templates for each item in our lineup, from Feather Flags to Pinpoint Flags. You can download a template in any format that is compatible with your software of choice and get started designing in no time flat! Make the process even more intuitive by tapping into our design online feature, where we have curated a number of professional Advertising Flags designs that are ready to print - simply plug in your info and go for the ultimate time-saving option!

Types of Custom Flag Printing

Standard Products And Their Unique Benefits

Probably the most common type of Custom Flag Printing are trusty Feather Flags. You may have recognized these iconic advertising flags near me outside car dealerships, cafes, and event venues alike. Their aerodynamic shape makes them hard to tip in even the breeziest conditions. Rectangle Flags, Pinpoint Flags, and Teardrop Flags can be printed one-sided or double-sided and offer a variety of support options, including ground stakes, water bags, and more. Our standard products can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so if you want to print custom flag designs from scratch, get in touch with our team for a custom quote and get started on your very own Custom Flag Printing with Gold Image Printing.

Specialty Products And Their Benefits

A few of our Custom Flag Printing are a bit more specialized for a specific function or type of installation. Our Backpack Flags come with a custom backpack that can be attached securely to your Advertising Flag for mobile marketing at its finest! Our Pole Flags come with an optional bracket and grommet strips, so you can easily swap out different flags for different seasons. If you like the look of Feather Flags but need to cut a few corners, opt for our Econo Feather Flags with one-sided printing and ground stake support. And for the ultimate weather warrior, give our Outdoor Flags a try for maximum visibility and unshakeable stability. You can also ask us about printing specialties to elevate any Custom Flag Printing. We offer graphic installation services for custom marketing flags so that your team can keep doing their job while we handle the details of getting your products set up and looking sharp. Open a corporate account with us to access even lower rates and handy online features that will make your next Custom Flag Printing a breeze. 

Customizing Advertising Flags

Customization Options

Here at Gold Image Printing, we’re all about the custom printing experience. We let you choose your specific type of Advertising Flags, from Outdoor Flags to Pole Flags. Next, we ask you to specify the size, shape, color, and more. Customize your Custom Flag Printing even further with the type of pole, base, and bracket, or simply order the flags on their own. You tell us how many flags to print, whether you need advertising flags wholesale or just one or two Custom Flag Printing. While shipping times may vary based on location, you can rest assured that our printing team will have your Custom Flag Printing ready to ship within 2 to 3 business days, no matter how fancy you get with all those printing specialties! For a printing experience that’s personalized just for you, go with Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing service! 


If you want to catch the eye of customers driving by, you can’t go wrong with any type of Custom Flag Printing from Gold Image Printing. From stationary Pole Flags to portable Backpack Flags, we have an option for every marketing need. Print Custom Flag Printing of all shapes and sizes to boost your business presence and ensure your customers don’t miss out on a big event or special deal. As you design your Custom Flag Printing, take advantage of our free online design features, opt for professional graphic installation services, and open a corporate account to streamline the process even more. You won’t find any better quality, service, and support than what we offer here at Gold Image Printing. Reach out to us today for a custom quote!