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- 2x6 Bookmark Printing Template
- 8.5x11 Brochure Printing Template-Half fold
- 8.5x11 Brochure Printing Template-Tri fold
- 11x17 Brochure Printing Template-No fold
- 11x17 Brochure Printing Template-Half fold
- 11x17 Brochure Printing Template-Tri fold        
- 3.5x2 Business card Printing Template
- 4x3.5 Business card Printing Template – Half fold
- 5.5x8.5 Catalog Printing Template
- 8.5x11 Catalog Printing Template
- 3.5x8.5 Door Hanger Printing Template
- 4.25x11 Door Hanger Printing Template
- 4x9 Door Hanger Printing Template
- 7.25x10.75 DVD Case Printing Template
- #10 Standard Envelope Printing Template
- #10 Left Window Envelope Printing Template
- #9 Standard Envelope Printing Template
- 9x12 Envelope Printing Template
- 4.25x5.5 Flyer Printing Template
- 5.5x8.5 Flyer Printing Template
- 8.5x11 Flyer Printing Template
- 4.25x5.5 Greeting cards Printing Template
- 5x7 Greeting cards Printing Template
- 8.5x11 Letteheads Printing Template
- 11x17 Newsletter Printing Template
- 4x6 Notepads Printing Template
- 5.5x8.5 Notepads Printing Template
- 4.25x5.5 Postcards Printing Template
- 4x6 Postcards Printing Template
- 5x7 Postcards Printing Template
- 5.5x8.5 Postcards Printing Template
- 11x17 Posters Printing Template
- 12x18 Posters Printing Template
- 16x20 Posters Printing Template
- 17x22 Posters Printing Template
- 18x24 Posters Printing Template
- 9x12 Presentation folder Printing Template
- 3.5x8.5 Rack Cards Printing Template
- 4x9 Rack Cards Printing Template
- 8.5x11 Sell sheets Printing Template

Next Day Printing

Gold Image printing can produce unique ideas that can't be duplicated with other printing companies. With such production offers as foil stamping, die cutting, embossing, 4 color process or 2 color spot for your brochures, flyersdoor hangers, club card flyers, postcards, DVD coversgreeting cards. We can also provide these same processes for your catalogsbookletsnewsletters calendars orders. If you are in need of labels for your wine bottles or need a high end stickers with foil stamping or embossing, we can produce this all under one roof at Gold Image Printing.

Printing Identity

At Gold Image Printing, we thrive on getting rush jobs done without making a big deal out of a next day turnaround. Since we have an amazing understanding of the real world and the timelines, we will have your jobs ready next day, just ask us. We can have your business cardsletterhead, envelopes, brochuresnotepads, catalogs next day and more while saving money. No longer do you have to beg for deadlines to be met the next day, with our more than capable machines and state of the art print and binding facility, we enjoy having your job ready for you the next day.

Special Printing Services

Gold Image Printing can print your complete corporate identity package including business cardsletterheadenvelopespresentation foldersnotepads with quick turnarounds and great prices. With a combination of experience and passion we can help your company stand out through brochuresflyerssell sheets and postcards, which can be mailed for you through our mailing services from beginning to end without you ever thinking of the post office.  You can count on us for every project and every city in Los Angeles county.

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