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Where to find wedding seating signage? It’s a question everyone planning a wedding has to ask at some point during the planning process, and finally there’s an easy answer! Finding wedding signage that’s beautifully printed, with the bare minimum of hassle has never been easier than right now, with Gold Image Printing. With our expertise, your design choices for all your wedding signages will look as beautiful in person as the happy couple!

What signage is needed for a wedding? While different weddings will have different wedding signages, and different brides and grooms will have different wedding signage ideas, one thing remains true; Whatever wedding signages you need, we’ve got you covered. Are you having an outdoor wedding? Maybe you’re headed somewhere out of the way, to avoid the hustle and bustle, or perhaps you’re so far into the heart of the hustle and bustle that your guests from out of town might need help navigating the maze of city streets? That’s when the first of our wedding signages comes into its own. Wedding directions signs are a great way to set the tone of your wedding before guests even arrive. Whether you love the natural aesthetic of flowers so often seen at a wedding, or if you’re looking for non floral wedding signage, getting your design ideas printed at the highest possible quality is our top priority. 

Mark the entranceway, and greet your guests all at the same time with our beautiful wedding welcome signs. One of our most popular wedding signages, your guests are sure to feel the love when they see your welcome message. 

One of the most complicated aspects of wedding planning can be figuring out your seating chart. Making sure everyone is sitting with other guests whose company they’ll enjoy can be a challenge, to say the least! That’s why we felt our list of wedding signage would be woefully incomplete without wedding seating signs. Now everyone can see at a glance where to sit, and your sign can fit in beautifully with the rest of your wedding signages.

If you want your big day to flow smoothly from one event to the next, one thing free wedding signage templates tend to get wrong is wedding order of events signs. When you get a wedding schedule sign from Gold Image Printing, you’re getting the best. Our state-of-the-art digital printers will ensure amazing readability, so everyone will know exactly what is coming up when.

If you’re looking for something truly one of a kind, or if you want your guests to know exactly what your wedding venue offers, you can’t go wrong with a custom wedding sign. Sometimes you need something out of the ordinary, and at Gold Image Printing, we aim to provide the level of extraordinary service you deserve.

Figuring all this out can be really difficult. That’s why we started the Gold Image Printing Blog. For more information about how best to utilize our services, read our excellent post: Should You Ask Your Printer To Do Offset Printing or Digital Printing?


At Gold Image Printing, we believe that having the right materials  for your wedding signages matters. Wedding reception signage needs to be able to stand up to the rigors of a day full of celebration, and depending on your venue, possibly the elements too! That’s why we ensure all wedding signages printed here are printed on 3/16 inch white foam board. It can stand up to sun, wind, rain or snow, and is still so light that transporting any number of wedding signages to the venue and placing them in pride of place will be as easy as they are beautiful. So wherever you need it for your celebration, whether it’s wedding signage San Diego, Montana, Florida, or beyond, you can trust Gold Image Printing to provide exactly what you need. 


For wedding signages, we provide 4/0 color printing. This means we’re able to blend Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (CMYK) to produce any color on the visible spectrum. We understand that having all your wedding signages, and indeed your whole wedding perfectly matching is a big deal, which is why we made it a point of pride to ensure all our color printing comes out perfectly according to your design.

In fact, we offer a wide range of custom signage beyond typical wedding signages, so if you don’t see what you want in our range of wedding signages, please take a look at our whole signage range, and see if anything catches your eye!


Here at Gold Image Printing we’re excited to go beyond the traditional. Whether its wedding signages or any of our other fantastic products, we’re on the cutting edge of printing technology. Nowhere is that more obvious than our amazing range of specialty printing options, available with the request of a custom quote.

While white ink has long required a time consuming and costly screen printing process, our advanced technology allows us to print white ink with ease.

Foil stamping is a fantastic, glamorous touch that is sure to make any wedding signages bold and beautiful. Your wedding signages will surely stand out with the more modern digital foil, which goes so far beyond traditional metallic foil colors. For more information about what’s on offer, take a look at our foil color chart. The range of colors and effects is honestly dazzling.

Letterpressing is one of the oldest and most in demand printing services we provide, and lends an air of gravitas to any printed product. Wedding signages with embossing might not be traditional, but would be a fantastic addition to any celebration. 

We all want something a little unique sometimes, so that’s why we offer die cutting. Wedding signage templates might not be quite what you need. Sometimes softer edges, or specific shapes are all that will do, and we aim to provide that for you.


Wedding signages are items that we understand can be required urgently. That’s why we offer a printing turnaround time of two business days. However, if your wedding signages are absolutely needed as soon as possible, don’t panic. At Gold Image Printing, we thrive on pressure, and if you provide a request for a custom quote, we will work with you to get you your wedding signages just as quickly as you need them.


Our wedding signages come in a range of sizes, from 11”x14”, up to a whopping 24”x63”. If none of these sizes are right for you, please submit a request for a custom quote. Our fabulous team will do everything in their power to ensure you get the exact size and shape you need for your wedding signages.