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Here, at Gold Image Printing, you have a massive variety of printing options, services, and more available at a moment's notice. From same-day shipping for many products to design services available upon request, we are always coming up with new ways to make the custom printing experience more affordable and enjoyable. To that end, we are happy to now offer trade show booths so you can order the complete trade show package.

A trade show booth (sometimes referred to as an exhibit booth, exhibition booth, or pop up booths) is a preset collection of elements, such as pop-ups, stands, monitor stands, tables, table covers, graphics of various shapes and sizes, shelving, etc. Not all of these elements will be present for every type of custom trade show booth, but we can assure you that our range of custom trade show booths has been hand-picked to offer something for everyone. Your best bet is to either look through the options above and see which visual strikes you as the most helpful (then click on that product's page and read further details therein), or you can skip that step and immediately reach out to us so we can match you to your modal trade show booth needs. Regardless of how you choose to proceed with your order, we here at Gold Image printing are greatly looking forward to working with you.

Design Help

The graphics of your trade show booths will, of course, be customized and printed by yours truly. You can choose any design you please using our CMYK full-color printing. You can also let us know of a couple of Pantone colors you'd like to use; this is especially helpful if you need to match your company's signature color exactly. Inspiration doesn't always strike when we need it to, so if you need help getting your creativity jumpstarted, check out our Gold Image Printing Blog and, afterward, our Artwork Guidelines. Download the free design template for the booth of your choice to ensure everything goes smoothly! You can also let our design team know what you're after

Types of Trade Show Booths

All of our trade show booths combine various elements to create a unique look and function that can be applied to various industries. With that said, some styles may lend themselves to your business or your specific product or service more than others, so it's important to look through all the options and carefully consider what's best for you. We are always here to help you with that process and answer any questions. Below, we outline the main differences in the types of trade show booths we offer, but rest assured, these are not the only differences, and we are always adding new options for you to choose from!

Flat Backdrop Trade Show Booths

For starters, our trade show booths that feature a flat backdrop (along with other fantastic elements) include the following:

  • Custom Booth 03 Fresh: simple and to the point, this option boasts plenty of space for you and your team to move around while using technology to showcase what you're offering, be it sunglasses or something else entirely. Backlights also help you to put a spotlight on whichever elements matter most.
  • Custom Booth 25 Summer: Similar to the previous option, but with a more in-your-face style to the tech and a single large backdrop. Great for use with vivid color schemes or for capturing passersby with your adverts.
  • Custom Booth B1 Sleek: Split your message across the main backdrop graphic and use the center screen to bring it all together. Pamphlet holders and a table up front give you plenty of versatility.
  • Custom Booth I Unique: A flat main backdrop with one large design to showcase your product, such as fruit juice. The unique quality of this high-quality trade show booth is the mushroom-shaped display stand.
  • Custom Booth M Bridge: This caps off the flat backdrop trade show booths as it has many similar elements, with a key difference being the bridge that creates a one-of-a-kind look and feel for your booth.
Curved Backdrop Trade Show Booths

In addition to the options outlined above, we have a selection of trade show booths with curved backdrops (and, of course, their own unique features too):

  • Custom Booth 1L Honey: There's a reason this was one of the first booths we added to our Gold Image Printing website. The wraparound angled graphic backdrop with a table in the center is the perfect solution to creating a welcoming environment that stands apart from your usual custom trade show booths.
  • Custom Booth K Office: Looking for that curved backdrop appeal but want to showcase a cafe where you might enjoy your advertised beverage? The seating within the booth makes for a comfortable experience for yourselves or your potential customers, while the monitor stand out front leaves room for your adverts to do their work.

Ordering a Trade Show Booth

Getting the perfect trade show booth fit should be an exciting experience rather than a troublesome one. In addition to providing you with a custom trade show booth that has graphics printed to your exact specifications, we are happy to assist you with the setup of the booth itself. Our graphic installation services are here to take away any worries of messing up the beautiful booth you just ordered or having to tangle with the setup directions. We do our best to provide as much information as possible so you can do this yourself, but we also know how busy things can get when an event is approaching and how having an extra pair of hands (or several extra pairs of hands) can be a massive help. To build your own trade show booth from the ground up, we recommend looking at our Trade Show Displays or sending us a request for a custom quote!