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What Is Spot UV Coating?

Gold Image Printing prides itself in being a system in which you can order your paper products entirely online in an easy-to-use system. On our website you have the chance to adjust the sizes, colors, paper stock type, and quantity and also add specialities. You don’t need to be an expert in the paper industry to decide on size and color for your postcard or wedding invite, yet you may be a bit mystified by the specialities we offer. Our website boasts a whole host of specialities you can add on to your products, such as embossing or foil stamping. One such intriguing speciality is Spot UV Coating. This term may sound highly technical, yet it is really simple to understand and can enhance the look of your business card, postcard or other paper products we offer. Once you learn more about it you will be eager to add it to your products in your next order.

Spot UV Coating is a design technique created to highlight various features of the paper (text, logo, images etc.) in a unique way. 

Let’s break down the name: Spot refers to the fact that this technique is only applied to certain spots on the product, to highlight those areas in particular. UV refers to the Ultraviolet light that is applied to the finish to instantaneously harden the coating on the paper. It is an environmentally friendly technique that produces little to no gas in the process. Coating refers to the varnish, or solid, finish that is applied over the paper. This varnish is a clear material, so it can be applied to any aspect of the paper’s design and won’t disturb the look. This allows Spot UV Coating to be a highlighting technique and not an added design. 

What Does Spot UV Coating Look Like?

Notice in the image above the more glossy parts of the paper? That is the Spot UV coated areas. If the varnish is applied to dark background paper, for instance navy blue or black, the Spot UV Coated areas appear more shiny. This in turn mutes the colors a bit to allow the gloss to stand out. Overlaid on white or light color papers allows the Spot UV Coating to be almost invisible. This is attractive to recipients because of the surprise of shining varnish only when the paper is tilted back and forth in your hand. Spot UV Coating also gives some texture to the paper,  as it is an extra varnish heated into the paper. The recipients are able to feel the varnish with their hands over the surface of the paper.

When Do I Choose Spot UV Coating?

So when do you add this speciality? As mentioned before, Spot UV Coating was created to better highlight areas, spotlighting features or text by adding a glossy look to that particular area. It is used in two situations: 

  1. The varnish can be applied to a blank background, so the Spot UV Coating itself is the design. 

  1. The varnish can be laid over a specific design to accentuate that area with extra shine.

So you can go either direction depending on your need. If you are looking to provide stark contrasts, Spot UV Coating is best overlaid on dark paper.
Spot uv coating printing

What Can I Use Spot UV Coating On?

Once you have learned about the beautiful overlay brought on with this design technique, you will want to add it to your products. So which products come with this speciality at Gold Image Printing? Below are just a few of the products that we offer but don't let our product selection stop you from creating your dream product. For all other products that you'd like to embellish with spot UV, request a quote and we'll make magic happen! 

Spot UV Business Cards

Apply spot uv coating to business cards to add a shine to your card and to allow for sturdiness that will prolong its shelf life. 

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Spot UV Postcards

Refresh a bland postcard with a bit of shine by highlighting the text features or certain logos with the varnish of spot UV coating.

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Raised Spot UV

There is even an add on to this add-on: Raised Spot UV coating allows for a thicker more tangible feel to your cards. We offer both Raised Spot UV Business Cards, Raised Spot UV Postcards, Raised Spot UV Greeting Cards, and Raised Spot UV Hang Tags. Want an even more elegant feel? Spot UV Coating pairs well with our soft touch lamination. This embellishment of velvety brushed surface is highly compatible with the shiny varnish look for Spot UV Coating. Your business card or postcard will leave an impression far beyond any other card around.

Raised Spot UV Printing

Raised Spot UV Business Cards

Raised Spot UV Business Cards

Elevate your business cards with the 3D effect on top of your spot uv business cards.

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Raised Spot UV Postcards

Raised Spot UV Postcards

Amaze your audience with these unique postcards that's bound to grab their attention. 

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Raised Spot UV Hang Tags

Raised Spot UV Hang Tags

What better way to make your consumers feel premium than these unique hang tags?

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Benefits Summary

To recap: why is Spot UV Coating a highly popular paper speciality?

  • The ability to highlight important features specifically

  • The attractive glossy overlay

  • The added texture 

  • The lovely pairing with soft touch 

  • The ability to make designs with the varnish itself

Spot UV Coating is an extremely popular effect but here at Gold Image Printing we believe it doesn’t need to be extremely costly. We offer prices far below that of our competitors, but with impressive quality in the process. Don’t forget to take advantage of our speedy shipping options such as same day or next day printing options to get your Spot UV Coated products delivered to you today!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What products can I print spot UV on? 

A: You can print spot uv on business cards, postcards, wedding invitations, hang tags, greeting cards, menus, and much more. Ask one of our experts if you have a specific product in mind. 

Q: What is the point of spot UV printing? 

A: it is to draw attention to a specific area on a printed product sch as the logo, the name, or an area where one wants their clients to notice.

Q: Can you write on spot uv or spot uv coating?

A: Unfortnately, you can not write on products with spot uv application or spot uv coating. 

Q: Is spot uv waterproof? 

A: No, it is not waterroof but it is however water resistant. 

Q: Can spot uv products be recycled?

A: No, spot uv products can not be recycled.