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Note Card Printing

Note card printing is a necessity for many businesses and has been for many years. Personalized note cards are a wonderful method of communication and show the recipient that they have received a note from a thoroughly professional outfit. And nowhere will you find more professional note card printing than right here at Gold Image Printing. Our corporate printing arm covers a lot of ground, and note card printing is one of many areas in which we pride ourselves on providing a reliable, professional service which produces fantastic results every time.

Even within note card printing, we offer a lovely range of products suitable for any business, or indeed any non-business application for which you’d need to print your own custom note cards.

Common Paper Stocks and Sizing

While we offer a range of paper and card stocks across our note card printing range, some stocks are more common than others. Luxe note cards printing often favors thicker, sturdier paper and card stocks, due both to tradition and the rigors they’ll face in use. Our amazing range of card and paper stocks is far wider than the options mentioned here. If one should catch your attention which isn’t listed as an option on the shopping card of the note card printing product you would like, you can request a custom quote, and we will work to provide the appropriate card or paper to fulfill your custom note cards printing needs.

17.5pt Eggshell Ultra White is a fantastic choice when it comes to note card printing. Its luxurious texture and sheer solidity mean it’s a perfect choice for anyone who wants a thicker stock with a beautiful texture.

16pt Fine Finch Cover is an uncoated stock which is acid-free. That means this stock is archival quality and will truly stand the test of time.

100lb Classic Crest Natural White has a smooth finish, highlighted by its stately ivory color. Perfect for anyone who would like their note card printing to have a sense of grandeur and historicity. 

Note card printing can throw up a lot of questions in terms of size. At Gold Image Printing we offer sizes ranging from 4” x 4” up to 5” x 7”. If you want note cards printing at sizes not offered as standard, you can request a custom quote, and our team will be in touch to help you get the exact size you envision for your note card printing product. Check out our standard invitation sizes for some insight into your best note card printing size options.

Design Help 

When it comes to notecard printing, there are so many factors to consider, and we understand that it can quickly become confusing, or even overwhelming. At Gold Image Printing, we want to make the note card printing process as straightforward as possible. If you want to design note cards online, we offer a number of helpful options. 

We’ve also taken the time to create design templates for each of our products. These templates include all the most important information for anyone uploading their own designs. No more clipped margins or edge-bleed when you follow our easy-to-follow design template guidelines. Our Gold Image Printing Blog can help with inspiration for designing your note card online!

Should you opt for one of our amazing Gold Image Printing corporate accounts, you’ll have unfettered access to our team of top designers who have a wealth of knowledge concerning the benefits and best applications of our incredible range of printing products and services. Note card printing is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what’s on offer here, and a corporate account is a great way to take advantage of everything below the surface. 

Types of Note Card Printing

Standard Products from Note Card Printing

Anything but average, our custom note cards are the standard by which we judge our other note card printing products. We’ve worked tirelessly to make sure every print note card printed by Gold Image Printing is absolutely peak quality.

Custom note cards are a blank slate with which you can create any design you want. There is a lot to be said for a simple design executed perfectly, and we’re confident that you’ll blow the recipients of your note card printing away with the quality on offer here.

Custom note cards also benefit from a much quicker turnaround time than more specialized options, although delivery times may vary by location.

Specialty Products from Note Card Printing

Beyond our custom note cards, we offer a number of note card printing products which utilize our specialty printing services.

Embossed note cards are a fantastic option, which allow you to emboss design elements onto your note card printing products. Embossing adds an air of quality and professionalism to any note card and is a wonderful option for anyone wanting to project an image of professionalism.

Foil note cards are a slightly more modern take on note card printing. We offer both foil stamping and digital foil at Gold Image Printing, and offer an incredible range of color choices on our foil color chart.

Another wonderful traditional option for note card printing is letterpressing. Letterpress note cards carry an air of gravitas that is hard to beat, and they’re a really beautiful, almost artisanal choice.

If an air of authority and seriousness is what you want from our note card printing services, ultra thick note cards are a fantastic option. They’re sturdy enough to stand up to anything you can throw at them and look no less amazing than their less sturdy counterparts.

If any of our specialties have caught your attention but don’t appear in the shopping cart, please submit a request for a custom quote, and our team will work to give you the specific note cards you’d like.

Ordering Personalized Note Cards

Customization Options

As you can see, at Gold Image Printing we offer an incredible range of customization options. A plethora of beautiful, hardy paper options, sure to complement any design. A multitude of help with every stage of the design process, including templates and advice on the best size options for each potential application. And if you have specific note card printing needs, a beautiful assortment of specialty print services honed to perfection over years of experience. 


To conclude, we don’t believe you’ll find a finer set of note card printing options anywhere, online or in person. Whichever of our note card printing services you choose to use, you can be assured of the utmost quality, craftsmanship, and support from the first click to the day of delivery and beyond.