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What is Debossing?

Debossing is one of the specialty printing processes offered here at Gold Image Printing. You can request a custom quote to have it applied to certain products or start off with a product that features debossing, such as Deboss Wedding Invitations! But what is the debossing definition? What does debossed printing actually mean? You've come to the right place to find out! Debossing is in many ways the exact opposite of embossing. When you emboss something, you elevate a section of text, logo, or design, making it raised and appear closer to the reader. On the other hand, debossing printing involves creating a depression of the same magnitude, pushing a section of text, logo, or design away from the reader. For smaller artistic projects, you yourself may have made use of the process of debossing. The actual process is simple but is difficult to do en masse without proper assistance.

Debossing with Gold Image Printing involves putting your printing product through the press again, where our debossing machine uses a specialized die or debossing stamp to create the desired impression. You can deboss with ink to create the effect with a specific color or set of colors, or you can do something called blind debossing. Blind debossing is a process where a print is debossed without the use of ink. This creates that same debossing effect but leaves it up to the specialty process itself to make the desired impact on the reader or customer. Debossing may also be used in paper making, to create distinctive sheets of paper.

Make Use of Debossing

Debossing creates a dimensional depth for your printing product, allowing you to use it in a great variety of ways. As a highly regarded printing process, debossing can add luxury to your smaller printing projects such as handing out unique products to executives within your business, showing a group of customers that their loyalty really matters to you, personal art projects that would benefit from increased tactility, and much more! The sky's the limit when it comes to all the possibilities for debossing printing! 

Debossing Products at Gold Image Printing

And so, the fun begins! There are so many different opportunities to make use of debossing when you order products through Gold Image Printing! Whenever you're shopping through our many different printing products, be they Business Card Printing, Custom Postcards, Business Invitations, or something else entirely, be sure to request a custom quote if you're interested in adding debossing to your product!

Deboss Wedding Invitations are one of our popular products which feature debossing. When you order deboss wedding invitations, you're helping to guarantee that your guests will be immediately wowed by what you've sent them. Whereas often potential guests receive plenty of wedding invitations and feel inundated with the sheer amount they get, especially during wedding season, your wedding invitations made with debossing will easily cut through the noise, helping them focus their attention on your big day without question!

Speaking of your big day, debossing can also be added to Wedding Favor Labels. After all, what says "thank you for coming to my wedding" like specialty favor labels that help each and every one of your gifts be dressed to impress?

Not planning a wedding? No problem! Have you considered making your Sell Sheets even more effective by using a specialty printing process? Debossing will enable your sell sheets to be even more effective when trying to gain interest from potential investors! Your competitors will be left wishing they had debossing done too.

Touch up the elegance and luxury of something you use every day, when you order Deboss Business Cards! These business cards have had debossing applied to them to create recessed logos, text, and more, enabling you to give out unforgettable reminders of your commitment to valuable business transactions.

Not all paper options are available with debossing. The reason for this is you need a firm, sturdy base for the process, otherwise your finer papers may be left with tears that leave the exact opposite of the desired impression. Have a look through all the paper stocks we have available here at Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing company, and let us know which thick paper stock you wish to use for the debossing of your given printing product. Request a custom quote to get started on debossing your products today!

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Relevant Specialties

Those of you who have been ordering through Gold Image Printing for a while or who have recently ordered one of our other products may be familiar with our other specialties. Upon the request of a custom quote, you may be able to add specialties like white ink to your debossing printing product. You may also be interested in investing in products that make use of foil stamping, letterpressing, or embossing. Learn more about the differences between these specialty printing processes with our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Which Should I Choose: Deboss or Letterpress?

Want to order an assortment of products that make use of specialties including debossing and more? Set up a corporate account to make sure you can restock orders with ease and always have all your design preferences on hand for future orders!

How to Order Debossing

Debossing is an exciting specialty that can really spice up and add an air of gravitas to your next order. So, how do you actually order debossing? Well, you can't simply order a piece of paper that's had debossing applied to it, as that wouldn't really fulfill any purpose for you. You'll have to have a look through the many different printing products we have to offer on our website, from Bound Books and Folders to Greeting Cards, Hang Tags, and more. Once you've found the product you'd like to have debossing applied to, simply make a request for custom quote and let us know exactly what you're after. We look forward to your next request for debossing!