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Custom folders printing from Gold Image Printing allow you to hold your documents, cards, and memos ready and secure. From the shopping cart to your doorstep, as you design your own custom folders you'll find yourself with plenty of custom folder design ideas on hand, all made possible through our hassle-free ordering process. Some ideas to get you started can be found in our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Real Estate Marketing Success. Custom folder printing has never been easier and we're here to give you plenty of customization options as well as any help along the way you may need. Simply contact us with any questions you may have and we'll always be there to steer you in the right direction.

We have a great selection of paper to make your custom folders spectacular. You'll want sturdy and versatile custom presentation folders that you won't have to worry about tearing or getting your documents crumpled. There are many different paper stocks that we offer to explore and choose from according to your preferences with the request for a custom quote. With that said, there are a few that we think work best for custom folders, so be sure to check them out first and foremost! With a 14pt Gloss Cover you get a sturdy and versatile stock that's great for showing off vibrant colors on your custom folders. This stock is also available as a thicker 16pt Gloss Cover. If you're looking to write directly onto the custom folders with pencil and pen, you're better off getting either 14pt Matte Uncoated or 16pt Fine Finch Cover for your custom folders. There's plenty of sizes to choose from depending on the type of custom folders you're looking from among our Corporate Printing custom folders online. However, if you feel like opting for a completely different set of measurements, you can ask for a custom quote.

When it comes to the design of your custom folders with logo you'll want to consider the purpose of the custom folders. Custom folder printing aimed at wowing audiences at trade shows with their sleek design should aim for something eye-catching, such as custom folders with specialties including white ink, letterpressing, embossing, debossing, and foil stamping and digital foil (using our foil color chart). You can also keep things minimal if you're just looking for the basic design of your company's name and logo. Cute pocket folders with floral designs may also be perfect for your wedding planning business or (of course) flower business. All these designs are made possible when you print with Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing company. We use a CMYK Heidelberg printer in order to print any color on the spectrum directly onto your custom folders. Speaking of keeping things interesting, have you checked out our Foil Stamp Folders? These feature the foil stamping specialty, allowing your custom folders to have a tangible texture and a radiant shine. You can go with the standard custom folders foil colors or explore our foil color chart and request a custom quote to let us know exactly what you're after!

Our folders also come with the option of business card slits, which is perfect for hanging onto those relatively small pieces of paper without worrying about losing them. Standard custom folders without these pockets leave it up to you to keep the folder upright so that business cards don't fall out. Custom folders with pockets solve this problem, so get yourself some custom pocket file folders with business card slits added. Of course, you can choose to get pockets on both sides or just the right side according to your wishes. Good starting points for this are Presentation Folders or Pocket Folders. With these finishing options at your side, you'll be able to turn any of your custom folders into a smashing success and never worry about lost documents again!

Getting your custom folders to your doorstep is the ultimate goal of course, so we'll be here to help any step of the way. Since you're shopping online, you can enjoy getting your custom folders without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home or office, talk about convenience! Order 20 to 5,000+ custom folders at a time, depending on the type of custom folders, and receive them in about 4-7 business days. It's important that you keep in mind that depending on how much you customize your custom folders, whether you get an especially large order, and how many specialties are added, the shipping time may vary. With that said, the more custom folders you order, the more you save, so order as many custom folders as you need today! Looking for an especially large amount of custom folders shipped out all at once? Check out our Bulk Offset Folders!

Gold Image Printing is happy to be your one-stop-shop for all things custom folders. In addition to the types of custom folders described above, we have some other exciting options too. Our White Ink Folders take advantage of the white ink specialty against custom folders of a darker backdrop, including black, gray, dark blue, and others. Mini Folders keep things on the small side and are great for carrying around smaller documents, business cards, notes, and more. With the wide breadth of options at your fingertips, you'll have all the Trade Show Essentials you need. Interested in ordering a large selection of different products including custom folders? Want to have your custom folders and other designs on hand at all times? You should set up a corporate account today!