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Custom tablecloths are a professional way to spruce up your next trade show table, convention booth, or even your front lobby registration desk! Trade show custom tablecloths are often used to replace regular solid-color table cloths, or to go over top of them, adding to visual interest. Custom tablecloths can be printed with anything on them, meaning a personalized tablecloth is a prime way to snag a little more advertising space wherever you happen to be located! Create a company logo tablecloth, printed tablecloth with your company's tagline, or just a great graphic customized tablecloth that represents your work, and customers will already know who you are by the time they reach you. Don’t let customers see you using the same old folding table everyone else is using; a custom table runner speaks for your company’s image, and tells customers that you’re on top of the game. And along with that, it’s ultra-packable: a fabric table cover can fold into a fraction of the size of bulky signs or overhead banners. Set yourself apart from the competition by showing up with custom logo tablecloths that stand out from the rest!

You need custom fitted table covers to help you advertise when you’re out and about, and Gold Image Printing is the perfect place to make that reality happen! We know life comes at you fast, and sometimes you end up needing custom tablecloths for an event you never even knew existed on short notice. Don’t worry! Speed is our middle name; we don’t make a big deal about rush jobs. We can make sure you get your trade show tablecloth with logo printing in as little as two days, with no extra fees or fuss. We even offer the ability to get multiple versions of your custom tablecloths in one order to keep customers’ curiosity! Don’t let clients’ glazed eyes slip over too-familiar branding—present your custom tablecloths in new ways to keep your image fresh. Gold Image Printing is also proud to offer 100% satisfaction. We know you’ll fall in love with our custom tablecloths, but if there’s ever anything wrong, we’ll make it right, guaranteed.

To create your trade show custom tablecloths with logo print, the first thing you need to know is the size of your table! We have custom tablecloths options for standard 6 foot tables, measuring 72” wide, 30” long, and 30” tall, as well as for 8 foot tables, measuring 96” wide, 30” long, and 30” tall. Our table runner comes in at 24” wide by 90” long, draping over a regular tablecloth as an affordable branding option. We offer a full custom table cover that covers all four sides of the table, and also a version that keeps the back of your table uncovered. Three-sided covers are perfect for keeping merch boxes or other equipment available but out of sight! This is especially handy when using one of our custom fitted table covers, which would otherwise be difficult to get underneath. Our table covers are designed to hang 2” off the ground, keeping their edges clean. Is there another size you need? No worries—it’s easy to request a custom quote! No matter what size or shape of table throw you need, our custom tablecloths have you (and your table) covered.

Your custom tablecloths are guaranteed to look great in full color! Draw customers’ attention with bright colors, or keep it low-key with a subtle color scheme. We print our custom tablecloths digitally at high resolution, so your images will always be crisp and clear! And you don’t need to worry about fading: your custom tablecloths are printed with dye sublimation. In this method, the fabric is heated, expanding the cells, and the colored dye is pressed into the fabric. Once the fabric cools, the cells close, literally trapping the dye inside the fabric. This means the custom tablecloths are 100% washable, without the color wearing off, scratching, or peeling! Dye sublimation also offers top-notch color vibrancy, giving your promotional custom tablecloths the sleekest, most professional look possible. We’re happy to answer any of your questions about color availability and dying processes, and also offer custom quotes if you don’t see what you need in our online template!

We offer the best in materials for your custom made table covers. In our fitted table covers, we use stretch tension fabric, which wraps around your table like a fitted sheet. For our non-stretch custom table covers and table runner printing, we use a super-durable 8.8 oz polyester fabric. Both our stretch and non-stretch materials are washable, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant, so don’t worry about putting them to work! All of our custom tablecloths are easy for a single person to set up, take down, and pack. No more hauling around bulky pop-up displays or hoping that your posters don’t get crushed in transit! Custom tablecloths are lightweight and have excellent multi-use applications, allowing you to get the most out of your advertising budget. Whether you’re at a convention, a fairground, or just want to spice up your reception desk, custom tablecloths give you a simple, long-lasting, and beautiful way to showcase your brand!

At Gold Image Printing, we make it easy to order custom tablecloths online. Take a look at our website and create your order through our online template, or request a custom quote if you want something extra-special! Do you have a question about your design, or want help deciding on the best table throw for your needs? No problem! Hit the chat button in the bottom corner of the site for instant answers, or give us a call in-store. We’re happy to answer any questions! If you want to package your custom tablecloths with matching products, check out our corporate portal. This is a great way to fill out all the great ideas you can find on our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Trade Show Essentials. Order all your business needs in one place, including business cards, flyers, lookbooks and more! We know you’ll love all of our options: order custom tablecloths to impress your customers and show them your company goes beyond the rest.