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Wedding Party Invites

In today’s world, where everyday events are so often solely advertised online, with digital wedding party invites sent out at the click of a button, one way to make your wedding parties stand out in the minds of your guests is to send out beautiful, custom, physical wedding party invites. From engagement party invitations to a personalized wedding after party invitation, all your needs are covered in one place with Gold Image Printing. 

Your wedding party invites are a great opportunity to indicate the style, tone, and theme of your parties. Your tea party wedding shower invitations will most likely have a distinct difference from the Bachelor party invitations, and when you choose to print your wedding party invites with Gold Image Printing, you’ll see exactly how straightforward our website makes the entire process. Let us walk you through the steps. 

Common Paper Stocks & Sizing

Paper and cardstock options can seem overwhelming, but choosing the right one for your wedding party invites can take them from good to great. If none of our options tickle your fancy perfectly, head on over to for a look at our whole range of card and paper stock choices. If you find something that appeals more, feel free to submit a custom quote, and we’ll see about getting you the exact paper you want.

The 14pt Cover or 16pt Cover Semi-Gloss are both sturdy and versatile, with a sheen that will give your wedding party invites sharp, vibrant colors. A less glossy, more staid option is our gorgeous 14pt Cover Matte cardstock, great for minimalist designs and for adding handwritten elements. 

A dense, weighty cardstock like 16pt Cover Fine Finch is acid-free, so it will stay looking fresh and beautiful in your wedding album whatever wedding party invites you decide to use it for! If you want something extra sturdy but still luxurious and with a fabulous texture, 17.5pt Cover Eggshell Ultra White is the right choice for you. For something with a bit more character, 17pt Cover Royal Sundance Felt Ultra White has a unique felt-like texture, and a really classy feel in the hand.

Wedding party invites for more ecologically minded parties are well within your reach with Gold Image Printing. Our 120lb Desert Storm Kraft is made from 100% recycled paper, with virgin fibers and flecks throughout. It is perfect for a variety of wedding party invites.

When it comes to sizing, you'll be happy to know that we aren't limited to the shopping cart shapes and sizes! We can do all sorts of sizes! Read about the Standard Invitation Sizes then let us know the dimensions you want for your wedding party invites with a custom quote!

Design Help

Any color scheme you can visualize is within reach for your wedding party invites with Gold Image Printing. We have a state-of-the-art digital full color printer which blends high quality CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) inks to create any color or shade on the visible spectrum. We offer both one sided printing as well as front & back color printing. 

If you want to match your wedding party invites to your color scheme perfectly, and have a Pantone color you know is the exact shade you’re using, submit a custom quote, and we’ll take care of everything from there.

While we offer standard templates, we’re not bound strictly to the options presented on the party invitations page. If you’d like a non-standard size, or something truly individual like die cutting for your wedding party invites, we’d be more than happy to help if you submit a custom quote

Types of Wedding Party Invites

Standard Orders

Depending on the type of party you're set to be celebrating, we have a nice variety of different wedding party invites you may be interested in. These are a far cry from the royal wedding watch party invitation printing you may have received from friends or family; they stand apart as professional, fun, colorful (if desired), high quality, and incredibly memorable! Why go for print at all? Find out with our Gold Image Printing Blog post: The Need for Print Invitations!

Up first are the wedding party invites for events before the actual wedding! We're not limited to just wedding after party invitation orders, so don't feel stuck on Wedding Invitation Wording or wedding after party invitation wording. We have bachelor party invitations and bachelorette party invitations ready to be designed to your exact color scheme and theme. Make your final pre-martial celebration one to remember with wedding party invites that help get the ball rolling before you're even out of the door!

Not quite at the stage of eleventh hour events? Not sure what to do in terms of names of the wedding party in the invitations? Maybe you're simply looking to boost excitement and get into the spirit of wedding party events with bridal shower invitations and engagement party invitations! After all, why wait until your wedding day and the night or week before to celebrate? There's no time like the present to order some of our wedding party invites to put everyone in the mood for a fun time!

We also are happy to offer you rehearsal dinner invitations, perfect for letting everyone you hold dear that you value their time and dedication by including them in the final step of planning. Regardless of whether you need day after wedding party invitations, you're sure to need your planning helpers excited and ready to go! 

Orders with Specialties

The range of specialties on offer at Gold Image Printing is wide, wonderful, and will add a flair to your wedding party invites that will take them from good, past great, to amazing. You can inquire about adding any of these with a request for a custom quote!

Rounded corners can keep things smooth. White ink is a terrific choice for a touch of class with a unique twist. Nothing says “wedding welcome party invitation” like glittering, shiny, glitzy foil stamping (using our foil color chart) and digital foil (limited colors). The former will leave a recessed design along with the foil, while the latter will result in a smooth shine.

For a sense of old-time style, and a really classic feel in the hand for your wedding party invites, the wonderful feel of letterpressing, embossing, or debossing are all fantastic choices. You can also opt for velvet lamination, which gives any wedding party invites a velvety texture. Similarly, spot UV coating is a funky choice that offers its own singular look and feel. 

If you’re thinking about using Gold Image Printing for all your wedding printing services, a corporate account might be a very rewarding choice. Let our team of specialists guide you through all your options for all your wedding print needs, big and small.

Ordering Wedding Party Invitations

When you order wedding party invites from Gold Image Printing, you'll be able to fully customize their size, shape, paper stock (or cardstock), color printing (including Pantone), design, specialties, order quantity, and more! From templates to professional help from designers, we here at Gold Image Printing are set and ready to make your life easier with every order. No matter whether you're a corporation that's back for your 100th order, or a newcomer to our website, your order and requests will be treated with the utmost care. We look forward to your next order of wedding party invites!