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Business Card Sizes

Business cards are used for virtually every single business out there, from corporations to pop up shops, to individual startups and enterprises. Any and every business needs business cards to let their clients know who they are, what their company is, and how to contact them. Our Gold Image Printing Blog post: How Do I Make My Business Card Stand Out? is a great place to go to when you're curious about design and getting started and we also have a ton of different paper stocks, shapes, and sizes available at the click of the button or with a request for a custom quote. We use the standard business card thickness of 14pt and up , but there's always room for customization there too! Before you can design your business card however, you'll want to know what size to organize your design around. People often ask what's the standard size for business cards? Since the answer can make a pretty big impact on the success of your business card, make sure to read through all these standard options and find the one that suits your needs!


US Size (Inches)

Metric Size (Millimeters)

US, Canada

3.5" x 2"

88.9mm x 50.8mm


3.35" x 2.17"

85mm x 55mm

Mexico, South America

3.54" x 1.97"

90mm x 50mm


3.58" x 2.17"

91mm x 55mm

India, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea

3.54" x 2.17"

90mm x 55mm

China, Hong Kong, Singapore

3.54" x 2.12"

90mm x 54mm

3.5" x 2.0" (USA Standard)

It's almost impossible to go wrong with the USA standard business card size. Accepted anywhere around the world, this is your best bet for a go-to size for your business cards. You will have no troubles fitting all the relevant information onto your card, including your name, company name, brand logo, contact information, and more. You'll notice that even after putting the basics onto a business card of this size, you'll still be covered in terms of extra space. That's right, you can go ahead and add extra information too! Think of all the possibilities! You could include your specialties as a worker and individual, the company's featured products or services, qualifications that you or your company has, partners for cross-promotion and advertising potential, and so much more. When you order your business cards, no matter how much information you want to include of the specialties with which you want to add glamor, you'll be able to do everything you had in mind with our USA standard business card dimensions. Order now!

3.35" x 2.17" (UK Standard)

A slight variation on the USA standard size business cards is the UK standard size business cards. At a glance, it's actually fairly easy to confuse the two, but after more careful inspection you'll realize these cards are a bit shorter in length and a bit thicker in width. You will still have no problem fitting these into your wallets, and if you have clients from the UK or do a lot of business in that area, your customers and clients will be impressed by your attention to detail! These UK standard sizes business cards are also able to include all the pertinent information with ease, including your name, company, logo, contact information, and more. You can also fit a lot of additional information, designs, and more onto these business cards, making them an ideal choice for all types of businesses. Order today!

3.5" x 1.25" (Mini)

Mini business cards are the best way to keep things simple. At 3.5" x 1.25", they are able to fit easily… pretty much anywhere. Keeping your design simple and effective will let you tell your potential clients and customers exactly what your business is all about while telling them how to get in touch with you. If you're adding more information to these, it will fit, but you'll have to keep in mind that the more you add, the more difficult it will become to read. Two-sided mini business cards are absolutely the way to go. Keep one side for the name of your business or even just your logo, and the other side for the basic information. Mini business cards are great for getting a burst of attention because of their unique size. You could go a bit smaller to 1.125" x 2.75" too if you really want to push the miniature effect to its fullest. Against a heavy influx of larger business cards, your card will stand out from the rest for sure! Order now!

2.5" x 2.5" (Standard Square)

Now we're getting into the business cards that have more uncommon shapes and sizes. Just as with the other business cards size options, these will have no problem fitting into your wallet or folders. After all, a beautiful and interesting-looking business card will do you no good if people can't easily carry it around with them. Our standard square business cards are ideal for logo or design heavy, or two-sided business cards. The shape of these will already draw attention from potential customers and clients, so it's up to you to go from there in determining how to keep that attention. The best way, we find, is by going for a design that makes use of rich or vibrant colors. You definitely want to watch out that you don't make these cards overly complicated or try to fit in all the same bonus information that a USA or UK size of standard business card might allow. Keep things simple, classy, and well-defined. You'll be noticing the impressive effects of these standard square business cards in no time. Order now!

3" x 3" (Larger Square)

As with the former option, these square business cards boast a less common but still highly versatile shape. These are larger square business cards, perfect for showing off your designs and creativity through logo-heavy or brand-heavy graphics. You can add all the pertinent information to larger square business cards, including your employee name or names, position, company name, logo, and contact information. The difference here is that the larger square business cards work better when you put the name and logo on one side and the contact information and more on the other side. This way you make use of a two-sided design that gives your potential clients and customers all the information they need without compromising the integrity and effectiveness of your business cards design. Order now!

3.37" x 2.125" (Credit Card)

Though less commonly used than country-standard sizes, you can most certainly still fit all pertinent information into business cards that are the size of credit cards. Use the front and back in full color with lots of specialties options, and include everything from employee name, position, and company, to contact information, qualifications, and more! Since this option is larger than your square business cards you'll have plenty of room to show off logo, design, and art, or take advantage of minimalistic designs that boast lots of space to simply enjoy the paper stock and thickness of the business cards. Order yours today!

2.5" x 2.5" (Circle)

Circle business cards are a great way to show off a unique look, while still having room for key information. For these, you'll want to take the same design route as square business cards- logo and name on one side, and other pertinent information on the other side. Since circle business cards are already an artistic statement in and of themselves, you'll want to make sure the design you use on these fits the bill of what a customer or client may expect. Order now!

3" x 3" (Larger Circle)

Circle business cards are typically 2.5" x 2.5", but you can also go for the slightly larger 3" x 3". The extra space afforded by these larger circle business cards will allow you to make greater use of negative space, boasting the benefits of the paper stock you choose. You can also include more secondary information, such as qualifications and social media links or QR codes with that additional area. Enjoy full color printing with specialties with these larger circle business cards. Order now!

Die Cut (Custom Size/Shape)

While all of these above-mentioned business card sizes should be enough to satisfy most needs, we know that sometimes nothing beats custom. So, go ahead and take advantage of the Gold Image Printing die cut business cards and choose your own completely custom size and shape. Need the card in the exact shape of your brand's logo? You got it! Need a tiny business card or even an extra-large one? Go ahead! Order today!

Paper Stock Selection

We have a massive variety of paper stocks available to make your business cards perfect. Not only do these allow those who hold your cards to enjoy a tactile experience through soft touch or velvet lamination, they also can affect the weight based on the thickness and gsm of the paper you choose. Interested in rounded corners? You got it!

Popular paper stocks for business cards include:

  • 14pt, 16pt, 28pt Cover - Semi Gloss
  • 14pt, 16pt, 28pt Cover - Matte
  • 17.5pt Cover - Eggshell Ultra White
  • 16pt Cover - Classic Linen Solar White
  • 17pt Cover - Royal Sundance Felt Ultra White
  • 14pt cover - Stardream Metallic Crystal White/Gold/Silver
  • 14pt Cover - Stardream Metallic Vista/Lagoon/Jupiter
  • 14pt Cover - Techweave Ultra White
  • 12pt Cover - Aspire Petallics Mountain Rose
  • 12pt Cover - Aspire Petallics Firewood Pink
  • 18pt, 20pt, 28pt, 32pt Cover - Soft Touch
  • 32pt Super Cover - Colorplan Pristine White
  • 91lb Text - ColorPlan Pistachio
  • 120lb Desert Storm Kraft

Same Day Business Card Printing

You won't have to wait long when you get same day shipping for your standard business cards! Once you've submitted your design and it's been approved, you'll be able to receive your order of business cards on that very same business day! Talk about some inspiring speediness! Get your high quality business cards through Gold Image Printing today! Contact us if you have any additional questions!

To Sum it Up

So, what is the size of business card printing? The short answer is business cards can come in many different sizes, but the most common ones are those listed above. The US standard size of a business card is 3.5" x 2.0", whereas the business cards dimensions in the UK are 3.35" x 2.17". If you're looking for different shapes, like thin rectangles, or squares, you'll most commonly want to invest in business cards with dimensions of 3.5" x 1.25", 2.5" x 2.5", or 3" x 3". Regardless of what you choose, you can rest assured that at Gold Image Printing, we will happily take care of all your business card printing needs with a reliable, high-quality service you can depend on!