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Send your advertising directly to your soon-to-be clients and customers when you invest in a direct mail marketing campaign! As the leading online printing company, Gold Image Printing has plenty of experience in making sure companies put their best foot forward as they vie for the attention of new customers. Allow our tactful direct mailing to work in your favor and impress your recipients. Direct mail advertising is the perfect choice for encouraging the sale of a new product, letting people in the neighborhood or even city know about an upcoming clearance sale, getting homeowners and home buyers familiar with your brokerage or agents for future  Real Estate Marketing Success, and more! Let us save you valuable time and resources. Rather than spending all your time slowly sending out your own direct mail postcards on your own, you can stay focused on the critical elements of your business and its employees and instead let us do the heavy lifting with our direct mail services. From among our Specialty Printing, direct mailing services stand out by being an independent service. Whereas our other specialties are to liven up or assist with our vast collection of printing products, every door direct mail is a self-sustaining specialty service aimed at helping you with any and all future sales. Feeling ready to get started on your next direct mail campaign? Simply head over to the shopping cart on your right-hand side and click through the options that best suit your needs or the needs of your company. From there, you can either buy the products now and upload your design later once you've gotten it all sorted out or proceed to design so you can use our incredible online design tool to work through the creative details right away! Not quite ready to get started on your order of direct mail? Learn more about direct mail marketing by reading on, or even starting with our Gold Image Printing Blog!

Direct Mail Specs

Size & Shape

Direct mail needs to be sent out en masse to your future clientele. For that reason, it's critical that all your direct mail is of a size that's affordable and will provide recipients with a hassle-free and easygoing experience when handling and reading the mail. For example, a massive print out may seem appealing in its ability to share a ton of information and be incredibly eye-catching. But a massive print out isn't ideal for direct mail; such a size would not only cause for a much too expensive marketing campaign, but it would also be cumbersome to your recipients. Opt for a size that's tried and true, proven to be immensely effective in bringing in new customers and appealing to target audiences of direct mail marketing strategies. For your ease of operation, we have pre-selected two sizes for your direct mail needs. These are: 1.5" x 3.5" and 2.25" x 2.25". To give a better idea of these sizes, think of a standard business card or square business card size. This is about how much room you'll have to insert your designs and call or calls to action. You can learn more about how to make the most of the room on your direct mail printing by consulting our templates section below.


Your direct mail needs to be able to keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life, not only as it is sent out, but as it is received, handled, and even shared. Make sure your direct mail is up to the task by ordering through Gold Image Printing, the direct mailers who know what they're doing! We have pre-selected our house stock standard to complete your direct mail campaign with reliability. The 14pt Cover - Semi Gloss is a sturdy and versatile coated stock that adds a nice sheen to the paper for sharp, vibrant colors. The finish ensures the colors pop and catch the eye of even the most discerning reader. 


Enjoy CMYK full color digital printing on the front only of your direct mail marketing campaign prints. You don't have to worry about faded designs or insufficient pop when you order through Gold Image Printing as our Heidelberg printing press is the industry standard. We want you to make use of a full spectrum of colors as you design your direct mail to your heart's content, never being limited by the colors and detail available to you!

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Direct Mail Order Assistance


If you've opted to proceed to design with our online tool or will soon be doing so, you'll be able to take advantage of our amazing design templates for direct mail marketing! Simply select the size you're interested in or request a custom quote if you can't seem to find it. From there consider the themes of education, fashion, hospitality, sports, retail, and more as you follow the provided guidelines to determine the best course of action and creativity for your direct mail marketing! You can even request a custom quote to get help directly from our dedicated teams of graphic designers so you can rest easy knowing that your direct mail is being taken care of from the shopping cart to your doorstep by industry professionals!

Customization (Summary)

When you order direct mail from Gold Image Printing, you'll be able to customize the size, color and design, rounded corners (¼" or none), quantity and versions, and more!

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