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Roll Label Printing

Keep up with the competition with roll label printing from Gold Image Printing! Custom printed roll labels are often used as the face of brand advertisements. Businesses rely on these pocket-friendly and cost-effective custom printed labels for branding their products and companies. There's a good reason that roll labels printing is a personal favorite among business owners. Roll label printing online is affordable, unique, and distinct. Moreover, roll label printing is also easy to store. Read our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Custom Packaging Ideas, Labels vs. Stickers: What’s The Difference? to help yourself learn even more! You can buy plenty of custom roll labels at once and easily keep them with you for a good, long time because they come in rolls rather than in sheets. 


Each type of roll label printing will give you a range of sizes available immediately in the product's shopping cart. Although we have a great range of measurements, we believe that you should first determine if you want your roll label printing to be small or large. If your brand name and product name are lengthy, you would definitely need a large size of roll label printing. On the other hand, if your product is small, you will need petite roll label printing to cleanly wrap around your product.

You must have this basic sense before proceeding any further. After you are clear on the basic size, you can browse through the sizes we provide. These typically range from 1" x 1", to 5” x 5”. With that said however, you're welcome to send up a request for a custom quote so you can design your own roll label printing to your exact specifications!


Our roll label printing is the best of all because we use premium paper quality. Our semi-gloss paper is brilliant in all aspects. You can easily fold it, and it comes with top-notch sticking ability. You can stick roll label printing on your products, and they will remain as long as you need using their permanent adhesive. The texture of our roll label printing is wonderfully smooth and is ideal for printing and writing. The roll label printing is tough enough not to tear off quickly but also flexible enough to roll around any product with ease.

Design Help

We believe in the beauty of all sorts of colors when it comes to printing roll labels. However, we suggest that every business determine the right color for their roll labels that represents their business type and message accurately. Our full color digital printer combines cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (CMYK) to create any color on the spectrum. For instance, you may find dark red is suitable for cosmetics, while light red fits better with a formal clothing line. The design is in your hands, so look to our Custom Packaging Ideas for inspiration!

For each of our roll label printing sizes, we also have a slew of free templates available to help ease you into the creative process. Download a template to be used with your favorite editing software, or use our online design tool to get started on your unique roll labels right away!

Types of Roll Label Printing

Make use of our incredible selection of roll label printing products today. Don't let your business use whatever roll labels wholesale or roll labels near me that come up. As the leading online printing company, Gold Image Printing is dedicated to bringing all our customers top quality printing at affordable rates with a hassle-free printing process that lets you do everything from the comfort of your own home or office! 

Standard Types of Roll Label Printing

First and foremost from among our standard types of roll labels are our classic Standard Roll Labels! These provide an excellent base for all your design needs, letting you take the wheel of creativity from step one. Not a fan of plain, even as a base? How about making use of specific shapes of roll label printing to give your products a consistency that your customers can rely on. These include our Circle Roll Labels, Oval Roll Labels, Rectangle Roll Labels, and Square Roll Labels. Love the shape but not sure the usual White BOPP Roll Label paper stock is right for you? Have glass bottles on which you want to maximize visibility? Take a gander at our Clear Labels! Those of you not looking to get such a large order may be interested in our Short Run Roll Labels! Get started on your order of roll label printing now!

Specialty Types of Roll Label Printing

Much like how we have a diverse range of specialties to help your products dress to impress, our roll label printing has a variety of options that feature unique brands of pizzazz. Die Cut Roll Labels let you label your products quickly with unique shapes that help you stand apart. Add some shine to your life with our Foil Roll Labels too! Using our embossing, our Emboss Roll Labels let your text or logo literally stand out as it is pushed up and closer to your customers. Can't decide between foil and embossing? How about ordering some Foil Emboss Roll Labels or Raised Foil Roll Label to get the best of both worlds. Other luxurious roll label printing products include our Raised Spot UV Labels and Soft Touch Roll Labels! What are you waiting for? Order some specialty printed labels on a roll today!

Ordering Roll Label Printing

Customization (Summary)

When you order roll label printing from Gold Image Printing, you'll be able to fully customize their size, shape, paper stock, color, design, templates, specialties, and order size. You can order anywhere from 250 to 100,000 roll labels at a time depending on the type and the complexity of your order and you will receive them in a matter of days!


Roll label printing is an effective way of advertising your products. Every time customers use your product, they will remember you, and in this way, you will be able to leave a long-lasting impression on your customers, both new and old. We are here to support you in determining the right size, color, and quality for your roll labels. You can trust Gold Image Printing for all your roll label printing needs!