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Custom Banners

When you’re looking into large format printing, like advertising banners, it can be difficult to know where to start. Personalized banners are so much more useful to your business if they’re high quality, and all too often cheap banners that might seem like a great deal just don’t stand up to scrutiny. The advertising banners you choose to use represent the public face of your business, and by utilizing the wealth of experience on hand at Gold Image Printing, you can be sure that your custom banners will impress. 

Custom banner printing is a fantastic opportunity to have your product or business seen by as many people as possible in a large, eye-catching format. But What is Large Format Printing? The answers can be found in this post from the Gold Image Printing Blog. Products like light pole banners may seem somewhat outlandish, but the positive impact they can have on your business is astonishing. 

Material And Sizing

Custom printed banners come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, as well as different options for materials. Advertising banners need to use the right material for the right job, so let's look at our most popular examples. 

13oz Matte Vinyl Banner is the material you’ll most often find when you begin to create custom banners, and for a good reason. It’s incredibly durable without being cumbersome and can stand up to even the harshest weather conditions. It also shows off colors with an astonishing amount of vibrancy, so is sure to be eye-catching anywhere it’s utilized.

9oz Wrinkle Free Fabric is the top choice for fabric banners. This three-layer fabric is made so that there is minimal space between the threads, which means that it is great for blocking light, making it much more opaque than most other fabrics. This close-knit thread also allows for much higher print quality than standard fabrics.

Advertising banners come in an amazing range of sizes. For example, step and repeat banners range from 8’ x 8’, up to 10’ x 8’. Our light pole banners can be found with widths of 24” - 30”, and lengths from 42” all the way up to 96”, and table top banners come in a standard size of 11.5" x 17.5". This wide range of sizes reflects the wide range of applications these advertising banners can be used for. 

Design Help 

At Gold Image Printing, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers. This means that we aim to make your printing experience as positive and straightforward as possible. Thanks to the amazing work our writing team does on the Gold Image Printing Blog, we have covered an incredible range of topics that can help all our customers ensure their design work is actually working for them.  When you have managed to design your own banner, printing it can be a somewhat bewildering process if you don’t have the right kind of help. 

Large-format printing can also be complicated by technical issues, which through no fault of your own, can result in less-than-perfect prints. Using the artwork guidelines provided by Gold Image Printing, you can make sure that your advertising banners are printed to the highest possible standards without any hiccups or issues. 

Our artwork guidelines and the Gold Image Printing Blog are both incredibly useful design tools, but they both rest on the foundation of our fantastic design templates. We worked tirelessly to make sure every one of our advertising banners has a design template which lays out the correct dimensions for your digital design files, to help ensure a smooth and simple printing experience. 

Types of Custom Banners

Standard Banners And Their Unique Benefits

They may need somewhere to hang, but our selection of advertising banners could be an incredible boon to a business of any size. Light pole banners are seen potentially tens of thousands of times a day, depending on where you place them, and with our incredible double-sided graphics and UV-safe printing methods, they’ll keep looking amazing for as long as you need outdoor banners.

Fabric banners, especially at larger sizes, serve a multitude of purposes. In fact, their large size makes them perfect for floor-to-ceiling displays, or even for large museum displays. They’re rugged enough for outdoor use, especially if you take advantage of the grommets and hemming options on offer from Gold Image Printing.

Vinyl banners are the archetypal advertising banners. Perfect for store openings, special offer advertising, or hanging across small areas such as hallways, vinyl banners are a wonderful example of banner printing.

Self-Supporting Banners And Their Benefits

Self-supporting banners are useful for all those situations where you need a banner but there’s nowhere available to hang any custom banners. Table top banners are incredibly portable due to being retractable and perfectly sized to be placed on a table or other raised flat surface.

Retractable banners, and deluxe retractable banners perform much the same function, albeit with different levels of luxury. Being retractable makes them ideal for anyone attending trade shows, and their durable 13oz Matte Vinyl and aluminum construction means that they’ll keep looking their best time after time. 

X frame banners are a great example of advertising banners which are incredibly useful, but which you’re not likely to find by simply searching for banner printing near me. These lightweight-yet-rugged custom banners are well suited to use as seasonal or temporary signage, but are also made to stand the test of time, should you choose to use them long-term.

Step and repeat banners are an excellent way to show off your business at an awards ceremony or any other live event. Their large size makes them the perfect backdrop for photos everyone is sure to remember. 

Adding Specialties

When it comes to advertising banners, and large format printing in general, the specialty printing services offered by Gold Image Printing can add so much to the printing experience as well as giving your printed products a unique edge and flair. 

More than just unique additions to your printed products, we also want to ensure your advertising banners look absolutely perfect, which is why we offer graphic installation services. Our teams will come to help you with any aspect of assembling and correctly installing your custom banners.  

A corporate account with Gold Image Printing is a fantastic addition to any business. Not only will you have access to our team of designers whenever you need them, you’ll also have a streamlined experience on our website, bypassing the regular home page for one custom-made for you. There, you’ll be able to store designs which you want to return to again and again, making the whole process much more straightforward.

Customizing Advertising Banners

Customization Options

The number of customization options available across our range of advertising banners is frankly astonishing. From sizes and materials to hardware options like grommets and stand colors, and even options for hemming and pole pockets on fabric advertising banners, we cover all the bases. 

Once you’ve created your design and chosen how you’d like it customized, you can upload it, and leave the rest in our capable hands. You’ll have your advertising banner in your hands as soon as possible.

Please be aware that turnaround times vary by product, and delivery times may change depending on your location.  


The amount of business traffic which can be driven by eye-catching and memorable custom banners across all their forms is absolutely incredible, and if you decide to work with Gold Image Printing to create the perfect advertising banners for your business, you’ll not only be getting top quality custom banners, but also knowledge which can only come from years of experience.