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Menus are essential to any restaurant or event that you may have. Gold Image Printing can make your menus look the right way by utilizing our multiple process that we have under one roof. Choose from foil stamp, soft touch lamination, Velvet lamination, Round cornering and a variety of thicknesses of stocks. We offer ultra thick stock to give your menu the extra attention it deserves.

The Need for Food Menus

Before customers pay their bill at the end of their meal at your restaurant, before they try  your savory food, before they even order the food, before any of this happens and a successful customer has been satisfied, they look at your menu. Think of your restaurant menu as the first line of defense for your customer service. Right after being seated, as your hostess rushes to the next table, your customers open up your menu and start to decide if they’re going to stay at all. Your menu must do several things: display your food selections beautifully, impress the customers with a touch of the paper stocks’ grain, look fresh and new after months of handling, and promote your restaurant's look and feel as a whole. That’s a lot for a little piece of paper. But with Gold Image Printing we can guarantee that your menus will do all of this and more. Whether you are a little dive bar relishing every sale, a high-end rooftop restaurant known citywide, or a small cake shop just opening up, we have menus for any and every setting.

Restaurant Menus

Restaurant menus come in several sizes to accommodate a large selection of dishes and drinks or just a few hot selling ticket items, from 5.5“ x 8.5“ to a massive 11“ x 17“, we can accommodate any amount of text. We even offer custom sized restaurant menus. Each menu is printed on the paper of your choice whether it be a thick 100 lb gloss cover or a thin 14 pt gloss cover, each menu is coated with our semi gloss to ensure a pristine look and a durability that will last months and even years with care. You also have the choice of gloss laminate, matte laminate or soft touch which gives your restaurant menu a brushed-like feel perfect for more high-end bars and cocktail restaurants. 

Take-Out Menus 

A beautiful soft touch restaurant menu not for you? Are you a zippy take-out only, Chinese joint? Do you have take-out drivers and bike food delivery guys rushing in and out to take your steaming burgers and fries to apartments all over the city? Then choose our popular take-out menus. Take-out menus come in tri-fold, Z fold or half fold to accommodate hundreds of dishes. These thin brochure menus can easily slip into the back pocket of your pizza delivery guy, and are small enough to be put in mailboxes throughout apartment complexes for those late night orders. We have a full color printing on the front and back of your take-out menus to ensure that you catch the eye of pedestrians rushing by. These are perfect to hand out on busy streets. When you come to Gold Image Printing you can assure that your take-out menu printing is affordable yet will still have high-quality paper, ink and durability.

Plastic Menus 

Perhaps you’re at a restaurant where the food is so good it creates quite a mess. Do you often have menus covered in barbecue sauce, chicken grease and the delicious savory smells of your restaurant? Afraid to spend money on menus you might have to throw out after only a few customers come through? No worries, try our plastic menus today. When you hear plastic menus you might cringe, thinking of bulky plastic menus from your cafeteria days. We assure you that our plastic menus are not what you’re picturing. Instead we simply cover high-quality paper with protective plastic. The paper is still able to fold well and the 14pt synthetic white cover is highly popular. This is a water-resistant, sturdy option perfect for kids menus. If you’re still unsure about plastic menus, no worries, you can protect your menus with Gold Image Printing in many ways such as adding velvet lamination and soft lamination, foil stamping or even spot UV coating. Send us a custom quote today to check out your options.

Ultra Thick Menus

Perhaps you are more of an old school, high priced restaurant. Do you want to hand out menus that hearken to this durability of your family owned, long lasting establishment? When it comes to menu design we have thought of it all. Try our ultra thick menus that are printed on paper that is reminiscent of card stock as it is almost unbendable This ultra thick menu will be memorable to customers due to its heavy, luxurious feel in the hand. For this type of menu we recommend minimal usage of ink as a paper grain speaks for itself. We offer round corners with these ultra thick menus of 1/4 of an inch to give a softer feel to the menu. Check out our free menu templates on all our different menus to help in your menu design. A menu template free can ensure that your image always is printed with precision.

Specialty Menus

With our designers on your side, you can always think outside the box. Your menus don't have to be the regular rectangle booklet form. They don’t have to be white paper with black text. Take your menus to the next level and enhance the look of your restaurant with die cut menus. As our menu is cut in the shape of your desire. You can have 4” x 6“ custom shape, 5“ x 7“ custom shape, 5.5“ x 8.5“ custom shape or finally at 8.5“ x 11“ custom shape menus. These menus allow you to extend the theme, mode or mission of your restaurant by cutting the menu in the shape of your favorite dish, in the shape of a cocktail glass, or even in the shape of a mascot that goes along with your restaurant. Whatever you desire you send the dimensions to us and the shape and we die-cut it for you. Allow five business days for such specialty menus.

Foil Stamped Menus

For bars, clubs, or other glamorous establishments we recommend foil stamp menus. Gold Image Printing is the pioneer in foil stamping. Foil stamping is a perfect way to add a little shimmer and glam to your menus. Perhaps you’re throwing a gala or an awards ceremony. Try foil stamp menus for specialty occasions. Check out art marvelous foil color options: gold foil menus, silver foil menus, rose gold foil menus, copper foil menus and more. Our foil chart is the perfect place to start to catch the perfect glittering foil color of your choice. Highlight special dishes and your logo, to catch the eye with these foil stamped menus.

Whatever your need, you will find it with our perfect restaurant menus online.