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Get ready to make a bold statement with Sidewalk Signs from Gold Image Printing! This marketing tool is an incredible option for drawing attention both near and far, with eye-catching visuals and stunning color palettes all printed using the highest quality materials. Whether you need portable sidewalk signs, sandwich board signs, or anything in between, Gold Image Printing has just the right Sidewalk Signs that will get the job done in stunning style! Choose from any of our various Sidewalk Signs, from Deluxe A-Frames to Wind Signs II, and use our easy-to-use online platform to make them truly your own, in no time at all. Gold Image Printing makes it quick and simple for you to design completely custom sidewalk signs with ease - and from the leading online printing service, would you expect anything less? Don’t wait, give it a try today!

Common Materials and Sizing

Sidewalk Signs are tasked with standing up to the elements, whether harsh sun, heavy winds, or rainy weather. This is why we only use premium, long-lasting materials to ensure that all our Sidewalk Signs are up to the task. Our outdoor sidewalk signs are made from materials like heavy-duty corrugated plastic and weather-proof vinyl that won’t warp or bend. Our UV ink printing technology provides crisp, vivid color that won’t fade even with everyday use in direct sunshine or rain. And we anchor everything down using sturdy frames and hardware that keep your Sidewalk Signs in place. Just like most other features, you can totally customize the size of your signwalk sign board, whether you need a compact 24” x 26” Standard A-Frame or a larger-than-life A-Frame Banner Stand that’s 8 feet wide. Whatever size you choose for your Sidewalk Signs, with this level of quality and style, your customers will be hard-pressed to miss them!

Design Help 

Types of Sidewalk Signs

Here at Gold Image Printing, we know that there’s no one-size-fits-all for Sidewalk Signs style and design. This is why we offer loads of resources to help you create a custom sidewalk sign that is unlike any other. First of all, we offer a customized template for sidewalk signs in a range of standard sizes - simply download the template you want in any format that works for you (AI, PSD, PDF, or JPG) and get to work. Or, check out our design online feature, where you can access an exclusive sidewalk sign template or two that have been created by one of our in-house professional graphic designers - simply plug in your information and proceed to print! Our Gold Image Printing Blog is a treasure trove of design info and inspo for Sidewalk Signs, including Things to Know Before Using Online Printing Services and Picking the Right Sign Material. You can always check out our Artwork Guidelines as you go, and reach out to us for a custom quote

Products' Unique Benefits

Not sure which one of our Sidewalk Signs is right for you? No sweat - we’re here to give you a rundown of each standard type of sidewalk signs for sale and their unique features and benefits! Let’s start with Standard A-Frames: these are one of the most popular options for Sidewalk Signs, as they’re lightweight and portable, but can be weighted with water or sand for additional stability. These are double-sided, so you get visibility from both directions of the sidewalk, and you have the option of displaying different designs or messaging on either side. Next up we have Deluxe A-Frames, with all the same advantages, plus additional sturdiness and a “quick change” option, so you can slide additional signage in and out of your Sidewalk Signs for an instant makeover! Our Wind Sign II features aerodynamic rounded edges, making it an optimal choice for areas that are prone to high winds. And it’s go big or go home with an A-Frame Banner Stand that can be designed up to 8 feet wide! You can’t go wrong with any of these Sidewalk Signs that will sport your brand in style for all the world to see!

Adding Specialties

Once you’ve settled on your preferred type of Sidewalk Signs, that’s when the fun really begins! Consider adding one of our printing specialties to take your Sidewalk Signs design up a notch, lending that truly customized look and feel. Simplify the process by opening a corporate account with Gold Image Printing. Our corporate clients can unlock reduced rates and easy-to-use online features that make designing and printing your specialty Sidewalk Signs a breeze. 

 Sidewalk Sign Board Ordering

Customization Options

When you choose to design your Sidewalk Signs with Gold Image Printing, you gain access to a host of customization features that will make you feel like a professional designer. Tell us what size your Sidewalk Signs should be, and select the materials and color scheme you like best. Throw in a specialty, or use one of our designer templates for ultimate ease and professional-level style with just a few clicks! Once your design is ready to go, specify the quantity and shipping turnaround that will meet your needs. While shipping times may vary based upon location, the turnaround time for our printing team is always a guarantee. With Gold Image Printing, you never have to skimp on quality - it’s a promise we deliver with each and every order!


As you consider which of our Sidewalk Signs will be the best fit for your business, don’t forget to browse our entire line of sidewalk signs in stock, from Deluxe A-Frames to A-Frame Banner Stands. We have also curated a collection of Signs and Board Printing with tons of options for indoor and outdoor use. If you have any trouble nailing down what type of signage you want, feel free to reach out to our team for a custom quote on Sidewalk Signs designed just for you. Get the gold standard in quality, service and support when you order Sidewalk Signs through Gold Image Printing!