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Envelope Printing

Envelope printing doesn't need to be a boring or daunting task. With Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing company, your envelopes can be lifted to new heights and you may just find yourself surprised at how enjoyable the ordering process, not to mention the final result, is. As a printing company, we're naturally inclined toward promoting a wide array of printing products that customers use in day-to-day life or for special events. With that said, we strive to make every element of the industry one that is approachable and beneficial for any business. You don't need to be an envelope printing aficionado to enjoy our selection of custom envelope printing products. As you'll discover by reading on, clicking one of the products above and exploring its respective page, or even dropping us a custom quote with follow-up questions, you really can't go wrong with our selection!

Common Paper Stocks & Sizing

Before delving into popular choices, we feel it's important to mention that as an online printing company that takes its customer satisfaction very seriously, we here at Gold Image Printing are happy to offer customization starting at paper and sizing. That's right! You are absolutely not limited to the paper stocks that appear in the vast majority of envelope printing shopping carts! Please be sure to make a request for a custom quote and let us know the particulars of what you're after. In addition to being able to customize the material from which your custom envelopes printing is made, we are not limited to the shopping cart sizes; we can do all sorts of sizes! Again, simply request a custom quote to let us know what you'd like to be done with your envelope printing!

If you're too unsure of which of the Standard Envelope Sizes is right for you (even after clicking that handy guide), you'll be happy to know that each of our products will have the most popular choice pre-selected as soon as you click on the product above. To give you some ideas, you can get envelopes in sizes A6, A7, A8, A9, A10, and more, up to size #10 envelope printing. In metrics you may be more familiar with, that's between 4.75" x 6.5" and 9.5" x 4.125". As your envelope printer, we can print your logo, company name, and more onto options such as the ever-popular 24lb White Standard, 24lb Classic Crest Solar White, 80lb. Text Classic Crest Solar White, 80lb Text - Classic Crest Natural White, 80lb. Text Classic Linen Solar White, 80lb. Text Classic Linen Natural White, 70lb. Text Superfine Eggshell Ultra White, 70lb. Text Superfine Eggshell Off White, and so much more!

Design Help

You may be wondering what you can actually put into the design of your envelope printing. Well, it's simple really, your customization is largely centered around the company logo, name, motto, and other key information you want to be highlighted by your envelope. You can also make use of the color of the paper itself, the complexity of the paper, and more! Be sure to avail yourself of our design services if you need extra help or do it yourself after downloading a free envelope printing template! Curious about how to use those templates? Our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Printing Templates: A Guide to Perfection is sure to be a huge help!

Types of Envelope Printing

Standard Envelopes and Their Unique Benefits

Starting from the most basic of our options, we have Custom Envelopes available. Of course, all of our products can be customized, but these in particular represent the baseline from which all other customizations can be made. If you're not sure of the particular look or style you're after, or simply want the greatest amount of flexibility, these are the right choice for you. In a similar vein, you may be interested in our Business Envelopes, offering that same flexibility with a special amount of intent toward business printing. Looking for a standard option that can pre-print all the names of recipients for you ahead of time? Look no further than Guest Addressing! While these options all have great customization, perhaps you're feeling limited by the sheer number of envelopes you need to print. Envelope printing that needs to be done in bulk should be done through our Bulk Offset Envelopes. Why go bulk? Learn more at Bulk Printing and You! Speaking of saving time, be sure to order some Envelope Stickers to double as a time-saver and have extra advertising potential!

Adding Specialties

You may already be familiar with the specialties available here at Gold Image Printing. These include options such as soft touch laminate, velvet laminationspot UV coatingwhite inkletterpressingembossingdebossingfoil stamping (using our foil color chart), digital foil (limited colors), edge painting, the aforementioned design services, and even the ability to set up a corporate account. These can most certainly be added to most of our envelope printing products through a request for a custom quote, but that's not all! You can actually start with a specialty envelope printing product right away! 

Let the dark backdrop of White Ink Envelopes capture the attention of your recipients with ease. Love that look but need an extra hand with guest addressing? Order your own White Ink Addressed Envelopes now! Perhaps you're looking to step things up a notch and really get your clientele used to living in the lap of luxury. For those looking to enhance the elegance of every facet of their business, envelope printing included, Foil Envelopes are your path to future success! Perhaps you have clients with an especially discerning eye or even you have noticed that your company's colors don't match up quite right with standard CMYK printing. For those among you, we recommend making use of Pantone Envelopes, whose color codes ensure that your final product is exactly what you've been searching for!

Ordering Envelopes Printing

Customization Options

When you order custom envelope printing through Gold Image Printing, you can look forward to customizing their size, paper, colors, design, specialties, and more! Look forward to a guaranteed printing turnaround, though shipping time may vary by location. We look forward to your next order of envelope printing!