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Letterhead should be at the top of your printing list for your corporation. It's an easy, effective, and affordable way of making sure that every memo, note, and reminder in and around your business doubles as free advertising potential. Whereas other Trade Show Essentials (which you can learn about on our Gold Image Printing Blog) make use of your logo and brand name to spread your name in focused and targeted ways, your letterhead is a versatile and multi-use tool that can subtly, yet effectively, tell the world about your business. As you'll learn more about in the "Design Help" section below, the choice of how to do so is ultimately up to you, but we are happy to give a few ideas off the bat, You can include everything from your address to your phone number, logo, and even motto highlighting key products and services to draw in potential clients and customers who happen upon your letterhead. If you're already sold, we're more than happy! Get started on your order of letterhead online by clicking on one of the products above. To first learn more about common expectations and trends among our letterheads or to read about a specific aspect of them, read on! 

Common Paper Stocks And Sizing

Before we get into the nitty gritty aspects of using Gold Image Printing as your letterhead maker, we want to point out that we are not limited to the paper stocks that appear in the standard shopping carts. If you'd like to use another paper option, simply let us know by sending in a request for a custom quote. Another great benefit of that custom quote button is the ability to get the exact size of letterhead you desire! Design your own letterhead according to your exact desires!

With that said, you may be wondering what the "standard" is. To answer your question, we recommend getting your letterhead printed on one of 70lb Premium White Uncoated, a more premium feel than a standard white paper; 24lb Classic Crest Solar White for unmatched luxury; 24lb Classic Crest Natural White; 24lb Classic Crest Antique Gray; 24lb Superfine Eggshell White for beautifully textured paper with an eggshell-like finish; 70lb Royal Sundance Felt Ultra White for heavy

textured paper; or 24lb Classic Linen Solar White. We recognize this is a lot of options, so we will say the first is the most popular, but we've never received a complaint for any of the others! In terms of sizing, most tend to prefer the standard 8.5" x 11", but other popular choices include 8.27" x 11.69" and 5.5" x 8.5". 

Design Help 

We said it before and we'll say it again, we are more than happy to help you decide what to put on your letterhead! A quick and easy way to learn about some pretty great options is to read our Logo Design Tips & Tricks. Beyond that, we are happy to offer free letterhead templates online to help you design your own letterheads using your favorite editing software! Highlight some popular products and services while leaving plenty of room for your letterhead to be used for its original note-taking purpose. We're confident you'll succeed!

Types of Letterhead

Standard Letterheads and Their Unique Benefits

The most "standard" no-nonsense option among our letterhead printing options is the Custom Letterheads. Don't be fooled by the name, the rest of our products and letterheads are also "custom" this is just the most basic and most customizable option. With custom letterheads, the world of printing customization is your oyster. Keep things as minimalistic as can be, or go for a no holds barred luxury letterhead that will stun even the most stubborn of clients! Looking to get letterheads but not satisfied with the maximum order for custom letterheads? We recommend that you order our Bulk Offset Letterheads. These in particular don't boast very many customization options (though of course, you'll still be able to submit your own design), but they benefit in offering a massive ordering quantity along with a dependable turnaround. If you've settled on a design and just want to fill every cupboard and drawer in your office with tons of letterhead, this is the option for you!

Specialties & Specialty Letterheads

If you're a regular here at Gold Image Printing, you've probably heard us talking about adding specialties plenty of times already. For letterhead printing, we have options such as letterpressing, embossing, debossing, foil stamping (using our foil color chart), and digital foil (limited colors) available to be added to your letterhead upon the request for a custom quote. We also encourage you to make use of our design services for extra help or to set up a corporate account for future orders of letterhead (and other products) that you're sure to need.

In terms of letterhead products that feature specialties, we're happy to let you know that luxury Foil Stamp Letterheads are just a click away! These give your letterhead the baseline of elegance that will make every client wowed by your attention to detail and refusal to accept anything but the best. After all, if your letterhead is this impressive, imagine what's in store when it comes to the bread and butter of your company! Aside from luxury foil, we offer Pantone Letterheads which are absolutely essential for companies with long-standing exact logo colors. The last thing you'd want is to order CMYK printing that stops just short of the Pantone color or colors you need. So make sure even the most discerning eye is impressed with this choice of letterhead!

Customization of Letterheads

Ordering letterhead through Gold Image Printing means being able to customize their size, material, color, design, specialties, and more! Enjoy a competitive turnaround time with shipping times varying by location. We're here to make sure your online printing experience is one to remember!