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Wedding printing services come in all shapes and sizes, but none with quite the level of quality, and dedication to your big day that you’ll find with Gold Image Printing. Print wedding invitations are still deeply popular with guests, but if you want to learn more about why custom wedding invitation printing is still so important, we have a fantastic Gold Image Printing Blog post for you to check out. The Need for Print Invitations will answer all your questions, and should help you work out why printed wedding invitations are still such a big deal for so many reasons. 

Common Paper Stocks and Sizing

Although we’re fully able to provide wedding invitation printing in custom sizes with a simple request for a custom quote, we do have some common sizes across our range of wedding invitations printing. If you have any questions about which of our sizes is right for your wedding invitation printing, you can take a look at our comprehensive look at standard invitation sizes, which should help to answer your questions.

5.5” x 8.5” is a common size which allows space for information while not taking away from even quite fancy aesthetic design choices. 

6” x 6” and 5” x 5” are our two most popular choices for those looking for square wedding invitation printing. 

Many of our wedding invitation printing options even go up to 6” x 9”, for those who want to make a statement with size as well as style.

At Gold Image Printing, we’re proud of the amazing range of card and paper stock options we have available for wedding invitation printing. So if you’re looking to design your own wedding invitation printing with us, you’re in for a wealth of choices. If you happen to see any card or paper stocks which appeal to you, but don’t appear in the shopping cart of your chosen style of wedding information, you can always submit a request for a custom quote, and we can help ensure your wedding invitation printing experience is as smooth as possible.

14pt Cover- Semi-Gloss is a wonderful choice for wedding invitation printing. It’s a sturdy cardstock, but its lovely sheen provides sharp, vibrant colors. It’s also a great candidate for adding a handwritten element to your wedding invitation printing, with best results coming from a ballpoint pen.

For a more minimal design,14pt Cover- Matte is a great wedding invitation printing choice. It has all the benefits of 14pt Cover- Semi-Gloss, but instead of a beautiful sheen, it has a gorgeous visible texture.

16pt Cover- Fine Finch is a cardstock which despite being a standard weight, is 40% more dense than most single layer cards. This gives it a great feel in the hand, and a really upmarket look due to its visible texture. The best part is that even though it’s uncoated, it still produces excellent colors.

17.5pt Cover- Eggshell Ultra White is an incredibly sturdy cardstock, with a luxurious texture. A fantastic choice if your wedding invitation printing is likely to take advantage of our letterpressing service, due to it being thicker than many other options.

17pt Cover- Royal Sundance Felt Ultra White has a spectacular felt-like texture, which is sure to impress anyone who receives one of your wedding invitations. It is uncoated, and is perfect for handwritten additions with pen or pencil. Its visible texture also makes it a great candidate for those looking for wedding invitation printing perfect for more minimal designs.  

120lb Desert Storm Kraft is made from 100% recycled paper, which gives it some serious ecological credentials. This means that it has some fleck and fibers throughout, which give it a wonderfully unique air. A wonderful choice for wedding invitation printing online. 

Design Help 

Here at Gold Image Printing, we pride ourselves on being able to provide much more for our customers than just wedding invitation printing. When you look for “wedding invitation printing near me,” you might end up mired in prints which don’t accurately reflect your designs, a difficult upload process, and confusion over the best file formats and file sizes to choose. That’s why we went above and beyond when designing our fantastic design templates. When it comes to your wedding invitation printing, we want you to get the perfect results without panic and stress, so we provide our templates in a variety of formats, specifically for each of the individual types of wedding invitation options we offer. 

Beyond that, we’ve even gone so far as to help with the content of your wedding invitation printing. Our help page on wedding invitation wording is full of handy hints, and things you may neer have thought to include, but which will make your whole wedding day go that much more smoothly. 

Types of Wedding Invitation Printing

Standard Products and Their Unique Benefits

We’ve a whole host of products that go far beyond what you might expect if you looked specifically for cheap wedding invitation printing

Before the wedding comes the engagement, in many ways a dress rehearsal of sorts for your wedding invitation printing, which is a great reason to opt for our engagement party invitations. This is a great opportunity to get everyone together and build excitement for your big day, so why not do it in style?

Bridal shower invitations are a great way to invite friends and loved ones to what is in many ways the first step towards your actual wedding day, and a great time to nail down the themes and aesthetic of your wedding.

For the wedding invitation printing itself, it’s hard to go wrong with our custom wedding invitations. You’ll find all the options you need for a successful set of wedding invitations, including our amazing wedding invitation templates.

If you’re looking for a more streamlined option you can always opt for our all-in-one wedding invitations. Make sure everything is sorted in one place, with no less style and elegance then printing everything separately.

Specialty Products and Their Benefits

Deboss wedding invitations offer a fantastic way to add a unique element to your wedding invitation printing. They allow you to seamlessly blend a traditional printing process and modern elements, for truly stylish wedding invitations with a wonderful tactile edge. 

For more tactile options, you could stay traditional with embossed or letterpress wedding invitations, or go for something more modern with velvet or soft touch wedding invitation printing.

If glamor and glitz are front and center themes in your wedding, raised foil or digital foil wedding invitations are great options. And with our incredible range of metallic and holographic foil colors, you’ll have no problems matching your shimmer to your theme. 

Metallic shimmer wedding invitations are another great choice for those looking for some sparkle. Your whole wedding invitation printing experience will glint from top to bottom.

Are you someone who simply needs your colors and shapes to match from the beginning to the end of your wedding? If so, you might just need the precise color matching of the Pantone universal color matching system. Our Pantone wedding invitations are sure to beautifully match your theme, and with our amazing die cut wedding invitations, you can shape your wedding invitation printing goals into exactly the shape you want.

We even offer other specialty printing services such as white ink printing, which you might not find listed as available on your personal choice of wedding invitation. If this is the case, please don’t hesitate to submit a request for a custom quote, and we’ll work to take the stress of organizing, with our fantastic team of wedding invitation printers. 

Customization of Wedding Printing

Customization Options

Choosing a specific option for your wedding invitation printing might not always be easy, but at Gold Image Printing, we aim to make the process as streamlined as possible. 

Once you have found the perfect wedding invitation printing choice for you, take your time and explore the options available. This doesn’t have to be a choice you make immediately. It’s a great idea to take a quick look around our website, and see what might appeal to you. 

Then you can choose your paper, ensuring it’s the right choice to complement your design.

After you’ve locked down your paper or card stock, you can choose any specialty printing options, and upload your design in line with our fantastic design templates. 

When your wedding invitation printing design is uploaded, you can leave the rest to us. Please be aware though, that shipping time may vary depending on location.


In conclusion, from the first days celebrating your engagement, right up until the directions from the ceremony to the reception, your wedding invitation printing is in safe hands with Gold Image Printing.