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If you're bored of your current poster board, we've got the poster boards for you! As one of our most popular types of Trade Show Essentials, poster board printing includes a massively versatile range of products, all of which are sure to benefit your business in a variety of ways. Whether you're truly using your poster board for a trade show or exhibition, showing it off at your storefront or in aisles, or having a combination of large poster boards and small poster boards to highlight your marketing creativity and enhance your office space, you're sure to find everything you need here at Gold Image Printing. As the leading online printing company, we are happy to let you know we also provide services for Nonprofit Printing. If you're a charitable organization, submit your information and we'll be happy to offer discounts to your organization as we work together to bring effective poster board printing to the cause you represent! Getting the right choice of display board comes down to the type you're after and how you customize it. We understand that the range of options we have while inviting can also be intimidating at first glance. What if you get the wrong one? What if it's not what you were really after? These questions and worries can be laid to rest by reading on and learning all about the various poster board options we offer. If you're not worried and are simply looking for information on how to order your poster board online right away, it's as easy as clicking on one of the products above and then clicking through the right-hand side shopping cart options that best suit your needs.

Material and Sizing Overview

By and large, material is up to you depending on which product you choose, so we'll be sure to go into more detail about that below in the "Types of Poster Board" section. With that said, you can learn a lot about different materials for Signs & Boards in our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Picking the Right Sign Material. A quick note on the poster board options is that as of now, we offer materials including cardboard, gator board, foam board, and ultraboard. 

Sizing largely depends on the specific type of poster board you opt to purchase, but sizes generally range from 11" x 17" to 36" x 48" (or in the case of Custom Cardboard Cutouts, up to 72" x 40"). With that said, we are absolutely not limited to the shapes or sizes listed within our poster board shopping carts. In fact, when it comes to poster board or display board orders, custom sizes are most certainly a highlight! Be sure to take advantage of the incredible degree of size and shape customization afforded by poster board printing here at Gold Image Printing by submitting a request for a custom quote today!

Design Help

Not sure where to get started? You're not alone! We understand that having a custom-sized and shaped poster board ready to be the canvas for your custom design is both inviting and intimidating. That's why for all our poster board products, we are happy to offer free templates to be used with your favorite editing software. If you still find yourself in need of assistance, however, be sure to reach out to us with a request for a custom quote and let us know you're interested in our design services!

Types of Poster Board

Standard Shaped Poster Boards

Make no mistake- all of our poster boards can be cut into custom shapes, but some products are ordered in a standard square or rectangle more than others. These are the products we'll be focusing on within this section. First up, the Custom Gator Board is known for its thickness at 3/16" as well as its durability. Being made from the pulp of wood makes for a sturdy backbone for all your poster board needs. Foam Board Printing, as the name suggests, is made from a foam board material. The foam can be as thick as 1/2" with a custom quote request, can be hung by itself, and has a sturdiness that allows for incredible versatility. Next up, the Ultraboard Plus, is made from yet another completely different material. That material is plastic, which can really help to bring out the colors on the front only of your poster board. Be sure to have a look through all these options as you carefully consider which type of board is right for you!

Specialty Custom-Shaped Poster Boards

As previously mentioned, all of our boards can be cut into custom shapes, though certain products from our lineup lend themselves more toward taking advantage of such an option. These are namely, our cardboard and foam board products. Ever wanted to have a life-size cutout of yourself or a member of your staff? Now you can! With Custom Cardboard Cutouts, make your printing come to life. Whether it's a real person or a fictional character, you can finally decorate your office or storefront with an unforgettable poster board that will easily draw the attention of anyone around! Custom shapes are of course an absolute must for such a product, so be sure to request a custom quote straight away! Don't click off that custom quote page just yet. We also have Custom Shape Foam Boards ready to be die-cut into whichever shape you think you'll need. These are great for decorating your store with a selection of little boards or even for use as a poster board in the shape of your company's name and/or logo! 

Specialties here at Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing company, don't stop there! Enjoy rounded corners for your poster board, or, if you've ordered a large selection of products and need help setting up an office, storefront, or trade show, check out our graphic installation services. We also have the design services we previously mentioned and if you're a company of ten-plus employees, you can make use of a corporate account to ease and streamline any and all future orders!

Ordering Poster Boards

Customization Options

Enjoy customizing your poster board in terms of size, shape, material, color, design, and specialties here at Gold Image Printing! While the shipping time of your poster board may vary by location, you can rest assured that the printing turnaround is a guarantee!