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Sizing Your Brochures

Brochures can be used for a wide variety of advertising needs. From marketing travel opportunities to sharing news of an upcoming event, spreading the word of what your business is all about, and highlighting new products and services, the brochure has successfully earned its staple as one of the oldest (and more needed) forms of advertisement! Knowing the right brochure sizes for your projects can make all the difference in a successful marketing campaign. We'd love to say that no matter which size you go for, you'll do great, but the reality is that getting a (very) wrong size can have the opposite of the intended impact. Fret not! This guide is written to help anyone who stumbles upon it discover the best brochure size for them!

As you move from the top of the table below to the bottom, the main thing to keep in mind is that a larger size equals more room for flashy graphics and photography. On the flip side, a smaller size equals less room for flashy graphics and photography, so be sure to make anything you add of that nature really count. Smaller sizes are great for including just the right amount of information to get your message across, whereas larger sizes enable the use of larger fonts, but leave you with much more space to fill. Seriously, you don't want to get a 12" x 18" Tabloid Feature and then leave half of it empty. For further considerations about specific sizes, we highly recommend simply scrolling down to the size that interests you and reading about it in more detail before making your decision.

z fold brochure
US Size (Inches) Metric Size (Centimeters) Used for... Starting Price
5" x 10" 12.7cm x 25.4cm

Sticking to the basics

Point-form information

$70.00 ($1.40 x 50)
5" x 15" 12.7cm x 38.1cm

Simple way to do any type of brochure

Transition from point-form information

$84.00 ($1.68 x 50)
5.83" x 8.27"  14.8cm x 21cm

Great for travel brochures

Best for light graphics use

 Custom Quote
6" x 12"  15.24cm x 30.48cm

More balanced visuals and text elements

Still on the smaller side

$75.00 ($1.50 x 50)
7" x 10"  17.78cm x 25.4cm

 More balanced visuals and text elements

Additional room for freer designs

$76.00 ($1.52 x 50)
8" x 9"  20.32cm x 22.86cm

Slightly smaller than international standard

Slightly limited in potential uses depending on design

$77.00 ($1.54 x 50)
8.27" x 11.69"  21cm x 29.69cm

International standard

Virtually limitless potential uses

Great for heavy visual elements

 Custom Quote
8.5" x 5.5"  21.59cm x 13.97cm

Virtually limitless uses, in a more compact form

 Custom Quote
8.5" x 11"  21.59cm x 27.94cm USA & Canada standard

Virtually limitless uses, plenty of room for heavy graphic elements

$79.00 ($1.58 x 50)
8.5" x 14"  21.59cm x 35.56cm


Policy explanations

$102.00 ($2.04 x 50)
11" x 17"  27.94cm x 43.18cm Perfect for Bi-fold

Fantastic for photography that belongs on the front page of newspapers

$105.00 ($2.10 x 50)
11.69" x 16.54"  29.69cm x 42.01cm

 Size commonly used for catalogs & magazines

Offers a canvas for large graphics

 Custom Quote
12" x 18"  30.48cm x 45.72cm

Dimension Lengthwise (when used as tri-fold or z fold)

Event brochures

Annual event advertisements

$110.00 ($2.20 x 50)
skin wellness brochure

Detailed Breakdown of Standard Brochure Sizes

5" x 10" - Miniature

This is the smallest of the standard sizes we offer for brochures. If you're looking to print brochures to really reel in on the marketing potential that they offer but are not quite in the business of doing so with larger graphics or flashier canvases of photography, this might be the right size for you. Miniature brochures are often used for sticking to the basics such as point form information about your product or business and little photographs of your logo or company name. Order now!

5" x 15" - Mini Plus

This is similar to the miniature brochure sizes but differs in the added length. 5" of added length is really a lot to work with. So you can transition those point-form notes into full-length articles and add more detailed photography and graphics to the visual side of things. At this size, you're no longer limited to keeping things as simple as possible and can really open up your advertising to a wide, virtually limitless, number of uses. Brochures of this size are still on the smaller side in the grand scheme of things though, so don't go too crazy on your design and still be sure to optimize every last square inch of space. Get started!

5.83" x 8.27" - A5

This size, often referred to as A5, is half the size of A4. It can be used for a wide variety of functions as it is effectively the miniature version of the international standard brochure size. That said, it's important to note the relatively smaller amount of space available for printing photography and graphics. You can still most definitely include those elements, but it's important to note that you shouldn't be looking to include detail-oriented graphics, such as those that invite the reader to search for smaller images within. Be sure to make use of the room for including plenty of text-based information though note that using too small of a font size can also hurt you. As noted above, this can be used for anything from marketing to promoting an event or travel destination. Order yours!

smaller brochure sizes

6" x 12" - Small Balance

We call this small balance because, while still on the smaller side of things, it is the first standard brochure size that offers the proper opportunity to get a nice balance of photography or graphics and text. You are no longer recommended to use one more than the other or to limit yourself in terms of what particular brands of graphics you use. Additionally, the text is no longer so limited that you might be inclined to skimp on text size. This isn't the perfect size for all brochures, it's simply the starting point for using your brochures for virtually any purpose, save for graphic-heavy designs. Order today!

7" x 10" - Small Balance Plus

This size is very similar in function to the small balance size described above. One difference in its use is that it offers more well-rounded dimensions for use of more text or more photography or graphics. That said, you can most certainly use it the same way as the size above, with the slightly altered dimensions working in favor of the unique design you have in mind for your brochure marketing campaign. Get yours!

8" x 9" - Medium

Medium-sized brochures stand at the point nearing the international standard. The only real difference here is that whereas you would otherwise have a guarantee of doing whatever you want with the brochure, you may not be limited by the slightly smaller dimensions. With that said, we do want to remind you of the fact that if this brochure size is perfect for the design you've already come up with or simply ideal for the advertising space you have cut out for your business, that's completely fine too! Start now!

medium brochure sizes

8.27" x 11.69" - A4 / International Standard

The international standard size for brochures is A4. With a brochure sized at these dimensions, you can really do whatever you want. Whether it's marketing for your upcoming annual trade show event, celebrating the opening of a new storefront, or raising awareness for your nonprofit cause, your brochure design is sure to be the perfect fit for anything made in this size. Struggling to decide on which particular size you want to opt for? Use this one or Letter! Order now!

8.5" x 5.5" - Half Letter (USA & Canada)

Much like its full-size counterpart, the Half Letter size from among standard brochure sizes for printing offers virtually limitless uses. While you won't have quite the same amount of space (in fact, you'll have half of it), the dimensions of the Half Letter brochure allow you to keep the classic arrangement of elements of your brochure, but in a more compact form. Order today!

8.5" x 11" - Letter (USA & Canada)

Extremely similar to the A4 size, the USA and Canada Letter size brochure is sure to be the perfect fit for virtually any use or uses you can think of. You'll find yourself coming back to this size time and again for anything from travel brochures to marketing campaigns to introducing a new product or storefront for your business. When all else fails or when your level of worry is high, you can't go wrong with the choice of Letter from among our brochure sizes! Get yours!

8.5" x 14" - Legal (USA & Canada)

Next up from among our brochure sizes is a rather self-explanatory size. The legal-sized brochure is, as the name suggests, best for use with legal documents. Obviously, you shouldn't be handing out contracts to your clients that are printed on brochures, so make no mistake there. However, you absolutely should be using legal-sized brochures to share information about your law firm, distribute information on policies, examine law reviews, and the like. The USA and Canada have opted to name this legal size, so no harm in jumping on the bandwagon and letting these particular brochure sizes work in your favor. Order here!

normal brochure sizes

11" x 17" - Tabloid / Front Page

Despite what the name suggests, you shouldn't actually be using this as a tabloid or for the front page of a newspaper. What we mean by the name of this size is that it is perfect for including the type of graphics and photography that would typically be found on the front page of your favorite newspaper (in the days when print newspapers were an everyday staple). What we also really want to highlight with this size is that it's the perfect size for bi-fold brochures. Have you had a look through the fold options that we offer (described in more detail below), and wondered "when would I possibly go for bi-fold?" You now have your answer! One thing we really want to remind here is that in spite of the wonderful amount of space for the graphic-heavy design, please make sure you're not leaving empty space. Get started!

11.69" x 16.54" - A3 / International Standard Double

The uses of brochure sizes nearing or at this International Standard Double size should be used for largely the same reasons as the Tabloid size. The main difference here is in the name and the fact that it is more commonly used than the Tabloid / Front Page size in the international community. If you're looking for extra-large brochure sizes that will be readily recognized outside of Canada and the USA, perhaps in the European market, then this is your best go-to. Much like the previous option, this size is perfect for bi-fold brochure designs and can be used to capture the essence of massive canvases of photography. Order now!

12" x 18" - Tabloid Feature

The largest of the standard brochure sizes we offer here at Gold Image Printing, brochures of this size are the perfect match for a tri-fold or z-fold design. When used for either of those folds (AKA not bi-fold), it is sometimes referred to as Dimension Lengthwise (DL). Be sure to use this lovely size for tri-fold and z-fold brochures that feature upcoming annual events or which are in heavy need of plenty of text and visuals. Order today!

large brochure sizes


Custom Sizes

Beyond the breadth of standard brochure sizes outlined above, we are proud to offer the option of custom brochure sizes. All you need to do is request a custom quote and let us know the particular size of brochures that you're after.


Bi-fold: Also known as half fold. This splits your brochure into two sides, which can be used for a variety of functions, especially opening up to a massive canvas of visual splendor.

Tri-fold: Also known as gallery fold. This splits your brochure into 3 lengthwise sections with one central area and two sides that fold over the main one.

Z-fold: Similar to tri-fold in how everything is split. The main difference is the zigzag folding pattern that's used for this design.