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Sizing Your Yard Signs

Getting the right size for your coroplast yard signs from Gold Image Printing is a task that's actually far easier than you may have initially feared. By sticking to this highly detailed and incredibly organized guide to coroplast yard sign sizes, you'll be well on your way to having all the knowledge necessary to make the perfect purchase, or purchases, for yourself and your business. Are you looking for the short and sweet answer to the question of what is the standard yard sign size? We can tell you the most popular of choices across the board are 18x24 yard signs. While, of course, you can simply go with this option, the catch-all for all sorts of uses, we would be remiss if we didn't encourage you to read further into how different yard sign dimensions may help you. 

Customizing your yard signs, made entirely from coroplast corrugated plastic, includes the ability to never settle for "good enough." Have a gander at the yard sign sizes table below and seek out the use or uses that you're looking for. With the ideal yard sign sizes at your fingertips, you'll be able to impress customers, clients, colleagues, and others by always seeming to know the perfect yard sign sizes for every occasion. Whether you're looking to advertise the upcoming yard sale in your neighborhood, hosting a bigger yard sale sponsored by your business, helping spread the word of a political campaign, or even rooting for your local sports team outside a large sporting arena, you're sure to find just what you need for the perfect fit. Print anything you want on your coroplast yard signs, with upfront costs and no hidden fees! Get started on your order today from our standard coroplast yard sign page, or explore the table and detailed descriptions below to learn more!

coroplast yard sign size
US Size (Inches) Metric Size (Centimeters)

Ideal Uses

Starting Price
12" x 18" 30.48cm x 45.72cm

Political (mini)

Yard Sale

12" x 24" 30.48cm x 60.96cm Virtually Anything (small) $12.40
18" x 24" 45.72cm x 60.96cm

Virtually Anything

Most Popular Size

Political Yard Signs

Election Yard Signs

24" x 18" 60.96cm x 45.72cm

Same as 18" x 24" (Alternate Orientation)

Real Estate Yard Signs

24" x 36" 60.96cm x 91.44cm

Outdoor Ads

Big Yard Sales

36" x 24" 91.44cm x 60.96cm Same as 24" x 36" (Alternate Orientation) $36.60
48" x 96" 121.92cm x 243.84cm Sporting Events $188.80
6" x 24" 15.24cm x 60.96cm Rider Sign $6.20
yard sign size large

Standard Yard Sign Sizes

12" x 18" - Political Mini / Yard Sale

While more on the miniature side of things, yard signs of this size are sure to be the perfect choice for supporting a political campaign with numerous signs, or numerous different political campaigns, without crowding your lawn or creating an eyesore for your neighbors. Have a yard sale coming up? Or perhaps your company is sponsoring a neighborhood yard sale, and you want to spread the word across multiple lawns. This is the ideal yard sign size for getting all that done. Order now!

12" x 24" - Small Yard Signs

Did you immediately head for the "most popular" option from among the yard sign sizes only to realize it's just a tad on the wide side of things for the design you had in mind? If so, small yard signs are your ticket to success. Invest in these small yard signs, and you can fulfill virtually any design function while keeping things on the smaller side. Get yours!

18" x 24" - Most Popular

It's hard to go wrong with the most popular and universally applicable of yard sign sizes. Yard signs you purchase in this size are a fantastic catch-all for any type of use that doesn't quite fit into any of the other categories or for when you aren't 100% whether your selected sizing is going to work with your design. From political campaign support to election yard signs, these are the perfect fit to make virtually any design choice work. Get started on your order today!

24" x 18" - Real Estate

For all your real estate needs, this option of yard sign sizes is sure to be a smashing hit! Not only will you fit in with all the other real estate agents in the area, you'll be able to do so in style. Combine this quintessential yard sign sizing with your real estate designs! Not looking toward real estate? You can still most certainly use this as a width-heavy alternative to the "most popular" size for any other uses you may have in mind! Start today!

real estate yard sign size

24" x 36" - Outdoor Ads / Big Yard Sales

With a big yard sale coming up or even a company-sponsored event that would really benefit from easily-noticeable outdoor advertisements, you should go for yard signs of this size. While previous options could of course work for yard sales, this is the appropriate sizing for events with that much more to offer! Start your order now!

36" x 24" - Outdoor Ads /  Big Yard Sales (Alt Orientation)

This option from the standard yard sale sizes is effectively the same as the above. It can be used for larger outdoor advertisements or for getting people excited about big yard sales. The main difference here is that the dimensions favor width over height, which may work better for a particular design you had in mind. Order now!

48" x 96" - Massive / Sports

When all else just doesn't seem to stack up to what you need, try this size out with your massive design. Go big or go home with this sports-center-friendly and impossible-to-miss yard sale sign size. This is the largest yard sale sign size that we offer and your customers, clients, and colleagues will all be left staring in awe at this unforgettable signage solution. Get yours!

6" x 24" - Rider

While technically not a yard sign in and of itself, a sign rider is a great way to tag an extra note onto your yard signs. For example, for real estate, you can add "SOLD", and "Coming Soon". You can also use it to tack on contact information or keep things seasonal and exciting. For times when a quick edit would refresh the effectiveness of your yard signage, a sign rider is right for you. Order now!

standard yard sign size material


Custom Size

Had a look through all the standard yard sign sizes above and still feel like not one of them quite matches up with what you need? No worries! We are more than happy to offer custom sizing for your yard signs! When you submit a request for a custom quote you can let us know exactly what you're after. You can even let us know the purpose of your yard sale signage so we can help you out with the exact yard sale sign dimensions if need be!

H-Stake or No H-Stake?

Ultimately it's up to you how you want your yard sign to be held up. With an added H-stake, you'll be able to prop your yard signs up high, adding chance for your signage to be noticed by anyone who sees a glint of a yard sign on your lawn or near your storefront. Simply click on the H-stake option in the shopping cart to add it. We look forward to receiving your order.