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Planning a wedding can be one of the most stressful times in anyone’s life, from the big central issues to the fine details. While Gold Image Printing can’t organize your catering, or find the perfect venue, when it comes to your Wedding envelopes printing needs, we’ve got you covered with our wedding printing services! From the ever-important wedding invitations, to all the wedding signage you might need for the big day, and even down to the fine details you’ll need for all your wedding day essentials, we’re able to make it all happen for you, in a wide array of stylish and gorgeous styles and options. 

So you have your venue booked, you’ve nailed down the menu options, and you’ve designed wonderful foil stamped wedding invitations, but before anyone sees the invitations themselves, they’ll first get a look at the envelopes. Wedding envelopes printing is a complex process with lots of questions! How to print envelopes for wedding invitations is a really common question when thinking about wedding envelopes printing we encounter. Many wedding invitations are non-standard shapes and sizes, and finding the right wedding envelopes printing can be a challenge without Gold Image Printing helping you out. We offer a number of options for your wedding envelopes printing. From our gorgeous Invitation Envelopes, to our glamorous and classy Foil Wedding Envelopes, we even offer RSVP envelopes and RSVP cards, to ensure your guests have the easiest time possible responding to your invitation.

You may be wondering if we can print addresses on wedding envelopes. Printing addresses on wedding envelopes can be a tedious and frustrating aspect of wedding planning, but we’re here to help with wedding guest addressing!


At Gold Image Printing we offer a wide array of paper and card options for you to choose from when it comes to printing on envelopes, wedding the color scheme or theme of your big day perfectly to your design choices. We can print addresses on wedding envelopes that are just right for you .

If you’re looking for a clean, white, bright and eye-catching envelope, our 70lb Premium White Uncoated cardstock is a perfect choice for your wedding envelopes printing. It’s uncoated, so adding handwritten personalisations is easy and straightforward.

If you want something with a slight twist for your wedding envelopes printing, 70LB Eggshell Finish Text might be the right option for you. With an antique look and textured surface, it pairs beautifully with gold or bronze foil

If you’re looking for a classic white envelope for your wedding envelopes printing, look no further than our 80lb Text - Classic Crest Solar White or Classic Crest Natural White options for what might be the best way to print addresses on wedding envelopes with beautiful earth tone text.

Whether you decide to go with a white option or if you’re feeling more adventurous, Gold Image Printing has your back on your big day with all the options in our 91lb ColorPlan cardstock range. From White Frost (our whitest option), to Amethyst, Forest Green, Candy Pink, Pistachio, Tabriz Blue, Scarlet, or either of our gray options, Smoke Grey or Real Grey, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect color for your big day. And if our options for custom wedding stationery printing envelopes wholesale fail to meet your specific needs, please ask us about a custom quote, so we can work with you to find exactly what you need. If you’re unsure about anything, you can also hit the chat button, and talk to one of our staff about any issues you’re having, and they can answer any of your questions about our paper stock options for your wedding envelopes printing.


Our state of the art digital printers offer you the ability to specify the exact shade and color for your printed envelopes, wedding technology with the expertise of our staff to mix the perfect blend of CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) to match your paper choice and design for your wedding envelopes printing. 

We offer CMYK color printing front and back, and unlike many other print shops white is very much on offer in terms of color options for wedding envelope address printing. Our ultra-modern unique method of printing white ink even on dark paper means that you don’t need to worry about incurring expensive screen printing fees if your wedding envelopes printing includes white ink.


Wedding envelope address printing can be a chance to show off the glitz and flair of your wedding to your guests before they even see their invitations. Take advantage of our wonderful array of specialties to really help your wedding envelopes printing pop. 

Wedding Envelopes Printing is a great chance to give your wedding a real sense of individuality. We’ve already talked about white ink, but we offer so much more.

Foil stamping is a wonderful way to add some shine to your wedding envelope printing. We offer more than just the traditional metallic colors in both classic and digital foil. They’re both a great choice for a shimmering and individual option. 

For a truly classy option for your wedding envelopes printing, look at letterpressing. The tactile and beautiful effect makes every wedding envelopes printing option look classy and stylish.

Two different but equally high class options for your wedding envelopes printing are embossing and debossing. The raised or stamped feel wonderful in the hand, and lend an air of authenticity to any wedding envelopes printing.

When you want to print wedding invitation envelopes, a non-traditional but increasingly popular option is velvet lamination. Velvet lamination is a whole new tactile experience, with a smooth finish that doesn’t become sticky. If you want to weigh up your lamination options, the Gold Image Printing Blog post: Soft Touch Vs. Velvet will give you all the information you need to know.

If you’re looking to have all your wedding printing, beyond just your wedding envelopes printing done by Gold Image Printing, you should check out our corporate account! It’s not only for corporations. It might just be the solution you’re looking for to ensure all your wedding and wedding envelopes printing needs are met.


A wedding envelope printing template is a great way to make sure your design looks its best, and we offer a wide range of them. If you don’t see one that meets your wedding envelope printing criteria, you can get in touch for a custom quote, so we can help you get exactly what you want. We do all sorts of shapes and sizes!