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Printed wedding favors help you mark the occasion of your big day with gratitude and memorabilia. Your friends and family have come out to celebrate this exciting time in your life and what better way to say thank you than with printed wedding favors? From among our Wedding Printing Services, custom printed wedding favors include a variety of products, from wedding favor stickers to wedding favor tags and more whose beauty and custom design let you show each and every guest that they're on your mind. Join in the hundreds of years old tradition with printed tags for wedding favors offered by the leading online printing company, Gold Image Printing. Here at Gold Image Printing, we are dedicated to bringing you, our customers, only the best in online printing services, from hassle-free designing and ordering, to reliable and efficient shipping. We're here every step of the way to ensure your big day has all the printed wedding favors for guests you need. As you read on, you'll learn about all the different products we have to enhance your personalized wedding favors for guests and how labels and designs for your favors for wedding will help add to the fantastic memories you and your partner build together!

As you place your order of different types of printed wedding favors bulk printing, you'll notice we have a variety of preset paper stocks, materials, sizes, and more to ease you into the design and customization process. Your printed favors need not be limited by the options you see immediately available to you in the right hand shopping cart section of each product page. We are happy to let you know that when you order through us at Gold Image Printing, you are not limited to the paper options that appear in the standard checkout cart. Have a look through all of our paper stocks and request a custom quote to see if it's available for your printed wedding favors printing! In addition to having greater variety than meets the eye for printed wedding printing products, we are also not limited to the shopping cart shapes or sizes; we can do all sorts of sizes! Request a custom quote with the dimensions you're after for your printed wedding favors and we'll be happy to help you out!

Printed Wedding Favors Products

Standard Types of Printed Wedding Favors

Let's have a closer look at those aforementioned wedding favor stickers. These unique wedding favors stickers can be slapped onto beautiful mason jars filled with goodies or even flowers to thank your guests. Use them to feature your own names or say thank you to the specific guest, family, or table of attendees. You can also use these helpful wedding favor stickers to seal shut your printed wedding gifts in style. Why use flimsy tape when printed wedding favors stickers can make all the difference in class? 

On the note of labeling, consider ordering some wedding favor labels to label the side of each of your bags of gifts for your treasured guests. The lovely thing about ordering printed wedding favors online is getting to fully customize how these useful wedding favors look, so show off the theme of your wedding in style and even pass out extra labels to keep the memory-making going well after your guests leave the venue! Confused about stickers versus labels? We've got you covered: read our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Labels vs. Stickers: What’s The Difference?

Who said printed wedding favors can only be used on the exact date of your wedding? We also have bridal shower favor tags for those of you hosting bridal showers looking to thank each of your guests for coming to show you love and share in your excitement. We'll drill the holes for you and give you the string you need to attach these helpful tags to your printed wedding favors! Wedding favors printing has never been easier!

Finally, our wedding favor tags will assist with your big day in helping you mark each and every one of your printed wedding favors with names, table numbers, and more critical information. Why stop at just one of these products when you can order an assortment and mix-and-match to your heart's content? Set up a corporate account to make the most out of your orders!

Specialty Types of Printed Wedding Favors

The joy of printed wedding favors doesn't stop there, we also have a lot of specialties you may want to add in order to add extra layers of flare to each of your wedding favors printing products. If you don't see an option to add these to your product, you can ask us to do so with the request of a custom quote and we'll let you know if it's possible. With soft touch laminate and velvet lamination your guests will be running their fingers over the printed wedding favors stickers, labels, and tags as they accept the wedding favors and walk to their cars. Curious about the difference? Read our Gold Image Printing Blog post: Soft Touch Vs. Velvet. Does your wedding have a darker color for its theme? Consider adding white ink to your printed wedding favors tags for a classical effect. You can also consider enhancing the tactility of your wedding favors printing with foil stamping which uses our diverse foil color chart), letterpressing, embossing, and debossing. Options like digital foil, edge painting, die cutting, duplexing, spot UV coating, and rounded corners will encourage guests to do double-takes as they note the extravagance of your  printed wedding favors.

Printed Wedding Favors Ordering

Use our free printed wedding favors product templates to help you design your own wedding favors printing with ease. These templates are available in a variety of sizes and file formats so they can be used with ease with your favorite design software! You are also welcome to contact us for additional assistance in the design of your printed wedding favors and we'll do everything in our power to not only oblige, but also bring your printed wedding favors to new heights. Order anywhere from 25 to 200+ products with options for getting many versions of each and receive your products in no time at all and up to 3 business days! We look forward to your upcoming order!