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• Your business must be in one of the following industries to qualify:

Print Industry: Print Broker, Print shop

Graphics Industry: Graphic Designer, Ad Agencies, Creative Agencies

Event Industry: Party Planners, Event Planners, Wedding Planners, Tradeshow and Expo Planners

• You must upload proper documentation of your business license and/or reseller permits.

• Your business must be located in the United States.


• Wholesale pricing on all of our custom products

• Create custom quotes and discuss with the estimator

• Dedicated account manager to help you with your order

• Automatic status updates emailed for a peice of mind

• Blind Shipping direct to your client


Can I make use of a promo code to get additional discounts offered on
Since the Reseller programs is heavily discounted, you cannot use any other promo codes with your orders.
Is my customer list secure?
Gold Image Printing will never contact Trade Partner customers in any way.

How long does it take to process the application?
Once all submitted forms and documents have been received, we do our due dilligence to ensure that the application is real and in fact qualified in the industry. Processing of the application will take 1-2 business days. 

How will I know if my application was accepted?
All approved applications will be sent a confirmation email with information to help you get started.

Are my orders non-taxable?
Orders that are shipped outside of the State of California are not subject to the California Sales Tax. California-based Reseller Partners are required to submit their Seller's Permit and a completed California Resale Certificate so as not to be subjected to the California Sales Tax.

Do you do blind shipping to my customers?
Yes. You can select the Blind Shipping option for orders you want to ship directly to your customers with your address on the shipping label. There will be no GIP Branding on the boxes.
How do I check the statuses of my orders?
log in to your account on and access their My Account. Every order shows the status of what of the department. Once the item is shipped you will see the tracking number. On your portal you also have the ability to choose to get email notifications on everystep of the way for a piece of mind.
Where do I see my wholesale pricing?
The discount will reflect on the price calculator on the website. It will show the discounted amount as well.