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Duplexing is a specialty printing process that is used to create ultra thick printing material. If you're looking for a simple duplexing definition, think of it this way: when you duplex something, you are making it more rigid and sturdy so that the final product is far more durable than anything that existed beforehand. By duplexing paper or duplexing paper stock of any sort, you're allowing that paper to have a noticeable weight and thickness. You may have a favored paper stock with a brilliant texture and look, but it could be lacking in its thickness and, therefore, its reliability and versatility with particular printing products you're interested in. Duplexing printing involves taking two sheets of a particular type of paper, such as the one in the example, and sealing them together. This doesn't use a duplexer printer but rather uses a duplexing system that relies on high-quality adhesive to stick the two sheets together firmly. 

It's important that when you use duplexing, you don't adhere two or more dissimilar pieces of paper together. If done, this could result in an ineffective and virtually unusable paper stock that's far worse than the original stock. Instead, ensure your final product is made far better by using duplexing with similar or, ideally, the same paper stocks. It should also be noted that scoring cannot be done on any duplex printing products, as the resulting paper stock is far too thick to bend properly. Certain specialty processes complement duplexing very well and which are discussed in more detail below. Read on to learn more about duplexing!

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Using Duplexing

Duplexing has several practical applications in the printing world, with more always arising as customer creativity is given potential. Here at Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing company, we're happy to be your duplexing printer and offer the customization, affordability, and transparency you need for your next duplexing project!

Duplexing can be used to create a final paper stock that has two different colors or even two different textures. Generally, you want the two or more different paper stocks involved in the duplexing process to be of the same or similar weight, but that doesn't mean you have to keep everything bright white or dark grey. You can change things up, creating cards that have blue on one side and red on the other, or a noticeable texture that is exciting to run your fingers over on one side and a smoother, more plain texture on the other side. There is already so much you can do with the materials for basic printing processes. When you add in duplexing or even multiplexing, you open yourself up to the potential to create entirely new paper stocks that no one else has seen before!

Duplexing Products at Gold Image Printing

Gold Image Printing has a truly inspiring selection of products that feature the duplexing specialty. Print duplex products you'll notice use a lot of paper stocks that are already thick; this is to ensure that your final products have the weightiness and oomph that you're looking for in ultra thick and luxury printing. With that said, we're all about offering a hassle-free and affordable printing process, from the shopping cart to your doorstep. You should never feel limited when ordering printing products from us here at Gold Image Printing! For that reason, we are happy to let you know that we are not limited to the paper options that are found in the standard shopping cart for duplexing products. Have a look through all our paper stocks and make a request for a custom quote once you've found the paper stock or stocks that you'd like duplexing done on. We'll be happy to help complete your request or give you the next best thing based on what you need for your final product!

One of our incredibly popular duplexing printing products is our Ultra Thick Postcards. You'll notice many products that are "ultra thick" involve the duplexing process. For these postcards, there's no need to specially request duplexing; the postcards already feature paper stocks that are the result of the duplexing process. When your recipients receive these ultra thick duplexing printing postcards, they'll be able to immediately notice the weight they carry.

Other popular ultra-thick products that make use of duplexing here at Gold Image Printing include Ultra Thick Menus, amazing for leaving an impression on restaurateurs and hotel guests, Ultra Thick Note Cards, ideal for any occasion, and Ultra Thick Hang Tags which ensure that every one of your clothing items is memorable as customers peruse their options.

You can even get our Luxury Business Cards, which make use of the duplexing specialty to create inspirational exposure for you and your business! Looking for even more inspiration? Check out our Gold Image Printing Blog today!

Duplexing needs to be added to a product for it to be ordered. Have a look through the many different products on our website and once you've found what you're looking for, request a custom quote to add duplexing if it's not already been applied. We look forward to seeing the unique creations you use duplexing to make with us!

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Other Specialties

In addition to duplexing, Gold Image Printing has a variety of other exciting specialties to offer. Some of these specialties can be used in conjunction with duplexing upon request for a custom quote! For example, when combined with duplexing, you are able to add any foil stamping (using colors from our foil color chart), letterpressing, embossing, and debossing to both sides of your card! In this way, not only will your duplexing be creating a unique experience in and of itself, but the combination of specialties you're now open to can help your experience be extra special! In conjunction with soft touch laminate, you can use digital foil. Show off white ink too on one or both sides of your short-run duplexing printing project ordered online with us! 

Those of you interested in ordering an assortment of products may want to set up a corporate account to help with future orders! The process is easy and will have you and your company of ten plus employees easily restocking your unique duplexing materials, printing products, and more, with your design preferences always in mind!