Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes banner

Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes

Banners are an extremely versatile and effective means of advertising your business. From products and services to museum openings, trade shows, events, and more, you'll see standard sized banners everywhere you go, used to successfully spread word to the masses. But what exactly are standard banner sizes for vinyl? Knowing the standard banner size for your advertising preferences and the various standard banner sizes in inches and standard banner sizes in feet can make all the difference when you go to place an order. While there are many different standard banner sizes, we here at Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing service, have plenty of experience in helping our customers adapt standard banner size for printing projects. With all that experience at our fingertips, we'll like to give you this handy guide to help you expedite your next order of banners. Not only are there a wide variety of sizes, we also have various types, from Deluxe Retractable Banners to Light Pole Banners, and of course our standard Vinyl Banners!

Banner Size US Size (Inches) US Size (Feet) Metric Size (Centimeters)
Tiny 24" x 24"  2' x 2'  ~60cm x 60cm
Smaller 24" x 60"

2' x 5' 

~60cm x 150cm 
Small 24" x 72" 2' x 6'  ~60cm x 180cm 
Medium-Small 24" x 96" 2' x 8'  ~60cm x 240cm 
Medium 36" x 72" 3' x 6'  ~90cm x 180cm 
Medium-Large 36" x 96" 3' x 8'  ~90cm x 240cm 
Large 48" x 120" 4' x 10'  ~120cm x 300cm 
Extreme 1,800" x 600" 150' x 50'  ~4,500cm x 3,000cm 

Height vs. Width

In this guide, please keep in mind that because vinyl banners can be oriented in any way you choose, the x and y axes are interchangeable. A 24" tall by 60" wide banner is also a 60" tall and 24" wide banner. The key difference in how you choose to print your design on the vinyl banner material and how you ultimately choose to orient it when you hang it up.


24" x 24" (Tiny)

If you're looking for the smallest standard banner size in inches, this is it! At 24" x 24", it's the smallest standard banner size we sell. While it is of course available for purchase at your convenience, please strongly consider whether it's the right choice for you. Standard banner sizes range from small to quite large, so there's a lot of room for choice. With that said, tiny banners may be the right choice for you if you're just looking for that vinyl banner quality but only want one or a bunch to display your team's name. Order some tiny banners today!

Smaller New

24" x 60" (Smaller)

The first of the commonly requested standard banner sizes is our smaller vinyl banner. As they are relatively thin, they're great for light pole banners! Use them to show off upcoming exhibits or leave them outside your restaurant as slightly larger 24" x 63" X banners! Ready to take advantage of this smaller standard banner sizes solution? Order now!

24" x 72" (Small)

Small banners are ideal for sharing the news of the grand opening of your business or for letting passersby know about your most recent real estate listing, especially of commercial properties. This option of standard banner sizes allows you to fill out the vinyl banner with large letters that easily capture the attention of people who might be interested in what you have to offer. You may even choose to put a smaller picture onto these along with your lettering. Order now!

24" x 96" (Medium-Small)

Of the standard banner sizes, this pushes the height (or width, depending on the orientation of your vinyl banner) to new limits. The extra-long or extra-tall form allows you to further detail the message of your banner. If that's not what you're after, you can also make your lettering slightly larger or include more visuals such as photos and designs. Printed in full color, custom vinyl banners of these standard banner sizes are virtually impossible to miss as long as the reader is relatively close by. Order medium-small vinyl banners now!


36" x 72" (Medium)

Kick things up a notch with standard banner sizes that can reach a larger audience. With the added "width" of these banners, you'll be able to grab attention from even further away. These are the perfect choice to show off your drink brand, get your customers to really know and recognize your logo, and share a motto that you want seared into the minds of your soon-to-be clients. Similar to this sizing are our Retractable Banners at 33" x 81" and Deluxe Retractable Banners at 36" x 81" standard banner sizes. Depending on where you plan to place your banners- that is, hang them up or have them free-standing, you'll want to opt for standard vinyl banners or the aforementioned retractable ones. Order medium sized vinyl banners now!

36" x 96" (Medium-Large)

The extra length of these standard banner sizes offers more room to gain that critical amount of exposure for your brand. Your design really cannot be missed with these. Share your sale that you don't want anyone to miss, print your logo bigger and louder, or let your designs shine brighter than anyone else's. Make sure you have the right designs to fill out this space because the last thing you'd want is to waste the potential of these medium-large vinyl banners. Order yours now!

48" x 120" (Large)

Have the standard banner sizes and banner sizes in inches up until now left you wanting more? Are you still looking for an option among the standard banner sizes that can really fill out the space you have set aside for your marketing strategy? These large standard banner sizes are for you! Large vinyl banners leave nothing to change, filling out a massive space and ensuring that anyone who has their eyes open in the area can and will see your grand opening, sale, hiring campaign, exhibit news, welcome sign, and more! Let your imagination run wild! Order large banners now!

1,800" x 600" / 150' x 50' (Extreme)

Frankly speaking, these are the largest we can offer. When all standard banner sizes fail and no matter where you look or how you try to put things, the standard banner sizes are simply not enough, you can rely on us at Gold Image Printing to make the impossible possible. Have an entire wall or entire building to cover? Standard banner sizes have their limits, but we don't. Vinyl banners of this size offer the maximum potential. Decorate your new office building with all the advertising potential it's worth. Make sure no one could possibly miss your trade show or expo. This is labeled as "extreme" because it takes standard banner sizes and throws it out the window, pushing it to completely new limits. While technically not one of the standard banner sizes, we chose to include it here so you're fully aware of the potential of our vinyl banners and can master everything we have to offer. Order these extreme vinyl banners today!

Other Banner Sizes

While these options don't fit into the standard banner sizes, and especially not into the standard vinyl banner sizes due to the material of the latter two, we do want to make sure you're aware of them in case that's the type of product you're after.

11.5" x 17.5" - Tabletop Banner- made from vinyl banner as well, these are meant to be placed onto your tables to show off bits of information at a very close range of distance. Outside the bounds of standard banner sizes, you may want to take a look at these. 

Up to 8' x 100' - Fabric Banners- made from fabric instead of vinyl, these can get quite large. These fabric banners can also be made into the standard banner sizes you've learned about above, so do consider your options as you think about what you want to put on the banners. 

8' x 8' - Step and Repeat Banners- a really popular option for using as the photoshoot backdrop for events, expos, red carpet events, and more. Make sure you can showcase your logo and brand when people show up to your events. These are also available in 9' x 8' and 10' x 8'.

Custom Sizes

When all else fails, our vinyl banners are not limited to the standard banner sizes that appear in the standard shopping cart. Wait up! You don't need to go anywhere else! From the shopping cart itself, simply click on "Custom Size" and enter the dimensions you are after. Despite not fitting into the standard banner sizes, your price will update in real-time so you're aware of the cost of your next big vinyl banners project! When we here at Gold Image Printing say we're all about transparency, we mean it! Get started on your order of vinyl banners today!