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Postcard printing is an integral part of any printing business, since custom printed postcards can be found far and wide, used for a massive variety of purposes from advertising to sharing pictures with friends. With that said, it should come as no surprise that Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing service, offers the ability to design your own postcard printing through a hassle-free and affordable process. The massive amount of customization options we have for premium postcards printed online will soon be apparent as you read more about our postcard printing services. Before you do so, please keep in mind that at any step in the process of finding the ideal print postcards or postcard printing near me, you can reach out to us through a request for a custom quote for answers to questions and concerns, or simply to place a custom order.

As you begin shopping for postcard printing online, you'll first find yourself in need of determining the best size for the postcard printing you'll be sending out. Depending on its purpose and your location, there are various different Standard Postcard Sizes that may be applicable. So, whether it's 4x6 postcards, 5x7 postcards or another size entirely, you'll have all the tools you need to get effective postcard printing (rather than relying on the cheapest postcard printing you can find). We're all about transparency and offering a hassle-free experience, so please feel free to request a custom shape or size for your postcard printing through a custom quote! With your postcard printing sizing set, you can decide on the paper stock that will set the tempo for the entire experience. 

Most of our types of postcard printing, and there are many, have certain paper stocks that you will see time and again. For starters, our 14pt Cover - Semi Gloss is a sturdy and versatile coated stock for postcard printing that adds a nice sheen for sharp, vibrant colors. Those of you looking for a simple uncoated option can rely on the 14pt Cover - Matte for quality custom postcard printing. When you create your own custom postcards, you may want something a bit more elegant yet still affordable, for those times, opt for our 16pt Cover - Fine Finch. Next up is our 17.5pt Cover - Eggshell Ultra White, which offers a gorgeous textured eggshell-like finish. With the specialty of duplexing, you may double up many of these stocks or directly choose super covers such as Semi-Gloss, Matte, or even Eggshell Ultra White. While we'd be happy to say that we have any paper stock you can think of directly on the postcard printing product page, we have to keep some back in the reserve as they're not requested as often. Using such reserve paper stocks however is no problem at all! Have a look through all of our paper stocks and, once you've found the perfect match for your postcard printing, make a request for a custom quote. Please note that for some specialty types of postcard printing, not all paper stocks or sizes will be available.

Using our CMYK full color printer, you can make use of the full spectrum of colors for your postcard printing. This is especially helpful when you consider our Gold Image Printing Blog posts: Real Estate Marketing Success and Print Artwork Guidelines That Are Beneficial, which can be used in tandem to create beautiful works of postcard printing art that are effective in business settings. Even if you're not looking to market your real estate business, postcard printing creates plenty of opportunities for your business to shine. Consider our many free templates for postcard printing as you get started. Take advantage of these customizations in full when you order our Standard Postcards!

As you order various products through Gold Image Printing, you'll very likely stumble across the extra specialties printing options available. Postcard printing can also get you in on that action! Our Foil Postcards and Digital Foil Postcards make use of foil stamping and digital foil respectively. Both of these options bring a brilliant radiance and shine to your postcard printing, allowing you to make full use of our expansive foil color chart! You can even combine the digital foil specialty with soft touch laminate and embossing to create Raised Foil Postcards! Our soft touch lamination is also featured in our Soft Touch Postcards. Looking for an extra velvety feel? How about investing in some of our Velvet Postcards, which make use of velvet lamination to add an extra layer of protection to your postcard printing. Spot UV Postcards use a rainbow holographic spot UV coating to make your postcard printing extra eye-catching. Again, you can combine spot UV coating with embossing to create our wonderful Raised Spot UV Postcards. Want your postcards to be extra hefty? Get duplexing done properly for your postcard printing with Ultra Thick Postcards! Beyond these postcard printing products that feature specialties, we also have white ink, which is great for showing off contrast to a darker backdrop, letterpressing for monograms and textured lettering, and debossing, which is a frequent by-product of embossing. With edge painting your postcard printing will be extra noticeable from any angle, while die cutting will allow for custom shapes. You can also avoid those pointy corners when you ask for rounded corners. If any of these specialties strike your fancy, but you can't find them on the postcard printing product page, simply make a request for a custom quote! We also recommend you open a corporate account if you think you'll be making a lot of orders along the same theme or for the same company.

Sometimes it's more about quantity than quality when ordering postcard printing. For times when more is better, opt for our Bulk Offset Postcards. With this type of postcard printing, you can order up to 25,000 postcards at a time through a standard order. If instead you want to go for something extra fancy however, you can order our Metallic Shimmer Postcards. Printed on metallic foil-inspired paper stocks, these are truly a sight to behold!

When you order postcard printing through Gold Image Printing, you can fully customize the size, shape, paper stock, color, design, specialties, quantity, and even turnaround of your order. Be sure to consider all your options as you click through the postcard printing shopping cart or carts that best suit the needs of yourself and your business. We look forward to your next order of postcard printing!