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Specialty printing and specialty services are a hand-selected group of customization options that add extra excitement to everything that we here at Gold Image Printing have to offer. Specialties printing lets you use custom quotes or special products, such as Digital Foil Postcards, to experience new versions of our printing products. There are many types of specialty printing, each of which boasts unique benefits, such as adding unique color, transforming texture, adding physical or visual depth, highlighting sections of design or text, shaping the products themselves, giving more options for future orders, and even putting it all together into one coherent package. As you read on, you'll learn about all our various specialty printing options and how to best order specialty printing online as you allow Gold Image Printing to become your go-to specialty printing company! To kick things off however, you may want to read our Gold Image Printing Blog posts: Which Should I Choose: Deboss or Letterpress? and Which Should I Choose: Foil Stamping or Embossing? You can also simply read on to see a breakdown of the specialty printing and processing options so you'll never have to rely on whatever options of specialty printing near me you can find. Our services are high quality and affordable and combine well with our vast selection of paper stocks. Read on, or request a custom quote to get started now!

As the name suggests, white ink is all about printing with white toner. This is typically done on products like folders, envelopes, and greeting cards in order to give them a classic appeal. Since this print specialty is all about the color white, it only makes sense to use this type of specialty printing with darker backdrops, including black paper and various ColorPlan paper stocks. White ink printing is a slower process compared to CMYK, so keep in mind it is best used for shorter printing runs. 

Edge painting is a type of specialty printing that should be reserved for when you have a printing product that is made of a thicker paper stock, such as luxury business cards. In addition to the colors you'd expect to be printed onto a product, specialty printing edge painting allows you to choose from our foil color chart to give that shimmer and shine from any angle. It has the added benefit of giving a unique effect when you stack up a bunch of products that have had edge painting added. Since edge painting needs a thicker paper stock, it goes well with duplexing, a specialty where two sheets of the same paper stock are sealed together to form a new, much thicker, product. With this specialty printing paper, you'll also be able to make a hefty impact on your customers.

Add shimmer and shine with foil stamping and digital foil, both of which let you choose from a massive selection of foil colors that can be found in our foil color chart. Foil stamping is unique in that it will literally press the hot foil onto your paper, leaving a recess in the area or areas of your choice with the foil color you've selected. On the other hand, digital foil needs to have a lamination, such as soft touch lamination, in order to properly hold the foil. Again, you can choose where exactly you want the foil to go, but keep in mind the final product will be softer to the touch and smooth, not imprinted. Ultimately, which shine you opt for is up to personal taste and budget.

Speaking of adding a shine, our spot UV coating is a great way to make your customers do a double-take. This type of specialty printing employs the use of a 3D high gloss holographic finish. The specialty printing finish will glare, giving your labels plenty of opportunity to entice customers!

Sometimes the shape of printed products, such as standard postcards, isn't ideal. When you want to change things up a bit, you should consider getting rounded corners; this way there's never any risk of poking clients as they try to remove business cards from their wallets. If rounded corners aren't unique enough, you can let us know the specific shape you're looking for in your specialty printing when you request die cutting. The shape you get from die cutting can be anything from your company's logo to your company's name or a featured product. The choice is completely yours when you design your own custom shaped specialty printing.

Soft touch laminate and velvet lamination both give your final printing product a smooth, sleek finish. With the latter you'll get the added benefit of weatherproofing and durability. Learn more about these two and which is best for you in our blog post: Soft Touch Vs. Velvet!

While many of the above types of specialty printing impact the visuals, if you want to truly change up the texture of your printed products, you should consider one of letterpressing, embossing, or debossing. Letterpressing involves creating recessed regions on your page, such as with Letterpress Note Cards, wherein your text can be given a more noticeable effect or wherein you can use blind letterpressing to show off a monogram. Embossing and debossing go hand in hand, pushing the text or design on your specialty printing toward or away from the reader. Embossing is sometimes paired with spot UV, as with Raised Spot UV Labels, or paired with digital foil, as with Raised Foil Save The Dates.

Those of you looking to order an assortment of products and who belong to or run a company of ten or more employees should look into setting up a corporate account. Not only does a corporate printing account give you a customized portal for future orders, it also lets you have designs, templates, theme preferences, preferred paper stocks, and more always on hand and ready to go for your next big order! It's the perfect specialty printing service to make Gold Image Printing your one-stop-shop for all your printing needs!

Direct mail is a great way to send out advertising far and wide. Just tell us what you're after with this specialty printing service and let us take care of the hard part for you! Speaking of letting us do the heavy lifting, if you're preparing for a big event or need to set up an entire office space with various types of large format printing, you should consider making use of our graphic installation specialty printing service!

To learn more about our specialty printing or to inquire about adding one or more specialties to the printing product of your choice, please contact us through a request for a custom quote. We're always happy to help out our customers!