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Nonprofit Printing

Belong to a nonprofit organization and looking for assistance with printing? Let Gold Image Printing lend a hand through our nonprofit printing program!

Not for profit printing puts the power back into your hands, letting your important organization focus on what matters most. Rather than waste time and resources looking for a printing shop to do the work for you, let us lend a helping hand through our outreach program! Using our program, nonprofit organizations such as yours can receive quality printing at incredibly affordable rates! You'll have full access to our dedicated teams of graphic designers, support staff, and more to make sure you don't leave without everything you need!


Signing up for our nonprofit printing program will let your nonprofit organization enjoy the benefit of 10% off sitewide! We here at Gold Image Printing are already known for having incredibly affordable prices in the highly competitive printing market. With this nonprofit printing program, you'll be enabling your organization to receive top quality printing products and services at otherwise inaccessible prices! 

In addition to benefiting from amazing prices, you'll be able to work directly with a dedicated member of our team who will assist you in all your design, printing, and creativity needs. They will also help you with overlooking your proofs at no additional cost in order to ensure your organization gets exactly what it needs and is more than happy with the final product. We're all about helping out our community, and we look forward to working with you to expand our outreach together!


To be eligible for our nonprofit printing program, you must be registered in the United States as a nonprofit organization with the 501(c)(3) status. Once you submit the form for the nonprofit printing program and assuming you fulfill the eligibility requirements, we will approve your application as soon as we are able to do so. We welcome any organizations looking to aid the community and look forward to being a part of your endeavors.

Getting Started

Fill out our sign up form to become a part of our nonprofit printing program today! If you have any further questions or concerns please reach out and contact us at your earliest convenience.

We here at Gold Image Printing are a dedicated member of the community and constantly strive to help others grow. As you assist the community let us assist you. Sign up for our nonprofit printing program today!

What Gold Image Printing Has to Offer

We have plenty of printing products to offer for your nonprofit printing needs here at Gold Image! If you've ordered from us before or seen our products, such as those featured and discussed on our Gold Image Printing Blog, you're probably already familiar with our potential. Those of you new to our services should explore what we have to offer. 


One feature we offer is our specialties (many for-profit businesses use our corporate printing account option), which allow you to give your nonprofit printing products more shine or pizzazz. Some of these specialties include, but are not limited to, die cutting to get unique shapes, digital foil printing for a noticeable shine, embossing to help your design's text or logo literally stand out, and more! 

Paper Selection

As you look through our products, such as Standard Business Cards, Brochures, and Pamphlets, you will notice how we showcase various paper stocks that are well known to work with the particular product. With that said, we here at Gold Image Printing are all about putting as many options as possible into the hands of our customers, nonprofit printing services are no exception! That's why we are not limited to paper options that appear in standard shopping carts. When the time comes, have a look through all our paper stocks and send a request for a custom quote letting us know what you need. Additionally, if you already have a paper stock of your own, such as donation envelopes, that just need to be printed on or treated with our nonprofit printing services, just let us know!


Ordering custom nonprofit printing from Gold Image Printing also avails you of our virtually unlimited sizing selection. Whether you're looking for Vinyl Banners using our handy Standard Vinyl Banner Sizes guide, Posters using our helpful Standard Poster Sizes chart, or Custom Postcards carefully selected after looking at our Standard Postcard Sizes, you're guaranteed to find just what your organization needs from our nonprofit printing! As with paper stocks, we are not limited to the shopping cart shapes or sizes, we can do all sorts of sizes! Request a custom quote and let us know what you need. 

Color & Design

Using our full color digital printer, we are able to produce any color on the visible spectrum which is then printed directly onto your nonprofit printing products. You can even get help on design with our free design templates!