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Are you tired of the banal paper products you have been ordering recently. Is there no life to the cards and invites you receive in the mail? Maybe you are planning an event and you need a postcard, business card or invite that has a unique look as well as a striking physical feel. One speciality that we offer at Gold Image Printing is Velvet Lamination.This is not a paper or an ink, but an overlaid material over your paper of choice; an element that through heat is imbued onto the paper itself. As a customer you may be unsure whether this speciality is one you should add to your order. Velvet lamination has many advantages as a specialty. From it’s tendency to last longer as a paper product to it’s impressive and intriguing feel in the hands of customers, there are many reasons why to opt with this type of paper effect. Let’s explore this feature so you can truly understand what you are receiving.

You may be thinking that you know what laminated paper is. You have seen it around work or in school. Throw out your mental image of plastic lamination with its sharp, clear edges found in any kindergarten classroom. Velvet lamination is not that. The reason this particular type of lamination is classified as “lamination” is simply because it shares the same process of using heat. Velvet lamination refers to a type of cover for your card. This cover, though, is permanent. This velvet material is sealed over the paper until the two become one material. The result affects both the look and touch.

Velvet Business Card Printing

Velvet lamination may at first glance be compared to matte finish, but with a closer look you can see it gives the colors of the paper more of a depth. It is a non-glossy effect,so it allows the colors to take on a muted hue.The feeling it produces is where this speciality gets its name. By overlaying any paper with this lamination, the paper automatically feels softer, a feel that has been described as a suede or leather-like feel. This particular lamination also adds a firmness as it adds another layer. For example, if you choose a 2 pt velvet lamination cover, it gets sealed onto an already 14pt paper, which will give a 16pt thickness to the product. 

So why choose Velvet Lamination? Is it really what your business card or invite needs? The first advantage of velvet lamination is its ability to protect your paper. By having this overlaid added layer, your product won’t easily be bended, and it will last longer as it is handled. The velvety material bonded with the paper also keeps the paper from being scuffed or scratched. Often other paper may become scraped or have residue from the many hands handling them by the time they are delivered; not with Velvet lamination. This fuzzy feeling product will keep it’s surface neat and unblemished. 

Another advantage is the fact that being overlaid means that the ink is sealed into the paper, avoiding any running or smudging. Uncoated paper can often be smudged somewhere along the process of being shipped. This doesn’t happen with velvet lamination. Finally, the velvet option for lamination allows for durability but keeps the paper slightly bendable.This adds to the soft feel of the paper.

So now you want velvet lamination. You want the professional feel of the paper that is reminiscent of expensive leather in your customers’ hands. You want a durable option with a classy air. So where do you start? Gold Image Printing offers velvet laminated business cards, velvet lamination wedding invites and velvet lamination postcards

Imagine you are in a business, setting up at a banquet or pitch meeting. What sort of business card are you proud to hand out? Those you are networking with or potential investors will quickly discard or lose a generic glossy, bland paper business card. Instead, proudly present them with the subtly soft, professional velvet laminated business card.

Perhaps wedding bells are ringing? Stay away from the run of the mill uncoated paper invites. Avoid overly shiny and glossy paper. Your wedding invite should have a satin like feel that will whisper of the beautiful event to come. A thick, sturdy invite for your friends and family to put up proudly on their mantle as they eagerly await your big day. 

Do you have an event coming up? Do you need a high-end postcard that will speak of a serious and decorous affair? Try the velvet laminated postcards. The postcards with this effect will set your event apart and help it be remembered. 

Velvet Postcard Printing

Velvet lamination is a specialty add on on our website, so choose the product you need and then select the speciality “Velvet Lamination” to add a durability and silky effect to your paper product. There are many other specialties that pair well with velvet lamination. With velvet lamination you can change any of the above products to Ultra Thick Business Cards, Ultra Thick Postcards, or Ultra Thick Invitations which gives a solid look and feel of your card. Go a step farther and opt for unique edge painted business cards or edge painted invites to display your company's colors or to match your wedding colors. Velvet business cards can also have curved edges that give a modern flair to a stack of cards. Don't limit yourself to our options. Ask for a quote on a custom add on to pair with your velvet lamination. 

Regardless of your added effects, choosing velvet lamination on your products will impress clients and friends. This effect is widely popular due to it’s silken finish and the paper’s durability. Choose velvet lamination today!