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Packaging solutions

Packaging Solutions

Stickers, hang tags or product boxes and many more. Yes, yes and yes. We do it all.

Custom Packaging

There's truly so much to choose from when it comes to custom packaging printing. We here at Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing company, are dedicated to bringing you only the best in show for all your custom product packaging printing needs. With over two decades of experience in the industry, our team can help make your custom boxes, custom packaging bags, stickers, labels, and more into an advertising advantage. 

Paper Stocks & Sizing

You should know that for many products, we are not limited to the paper options that appear as part of the standard cart selection. Many of our boxes and packaging options are made from 16pt to 18pt C1S White Cover, with various coating options. Most of our sticker labels and the like are printed on gloss or matte paper labels. The exact nature of the material changes depending on the product, of course, but these are a couple of major options. 

Have a look through all our paper stocks and make a request for a custom quote if you feel another material would be better suited. In addition to having an increased selection of paper stocks and materials, we are not limited to the shopping cart shapes or sizes; we can do all sorts of sizes! Request a custom quote to get started on that unique order today! Have a look at our Standard Printed Box Sizes to get an idea of what you're looking for!

Design Help

Two great resources for getting started as you design your own custom packaging are our Gold Image Printing Blog posts: Custom Packaging Ideas and 5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Mailer Boxes. As you read through these posts, you'll learn all about making the best design you can to have a successful and noticeable brand, and how to put everything together into a custom packaging your customers will come to know and love. A custom box or personalized printed packaging is easily achieved when you order custom packaging online. We can print in full color with our CMYK Heidelberg printing process, which can create any color on the spectrum for your viewing and advertising pleasure. Follow our Artwork Guidelines for extra help! 

Types of Custom Packaging

Packing Your Products

Packaging boxes are one of our custom packaging selections. These are essential in sending out your mail and packages to consumers across the country. Why leave things to whatever custom packaging you last used, when you can use a fresh look to your advantage instead? Our mailer boxes and more are here to help!

Product boxes, such as chocolate bar boxes, are critical ways to box up your products in unique ways. These custom packaging products use a variety of standardized shapes and sizes of everything from chocolate boxes to soap boxes. With custom packaging like this you'll never need to look anywhere else. 

CBD packaging is all the rage, now that CBD is becoming legal in more and more states and countries around the world! We are super excited to be a part of your journey as you build you CBD packaging (and product) empire! Get started today!

Informative Labeling 

Roll labels are the perfect way to label your custom packaging en masse, fitting a beautifully printed label onto each and every one of your custom packaging boxes without having to spend all day pulling and peeling. These are meant to be used with a high degree of efficiency and are designed in a way that makes it easy to do just that. Without roll labels, you'll end up wasting hours of precious time that could have gone to more valuable work tasks. A popular product from this lineup of custom packaging is our die cut roll labels. With these, you can choose any shape you can think of, making your custom packaging extra unique and noticeable.

With sticker labels, such as white ink stickers, you'll be able to turn a classical look to your advantage. Use these to show off your custom packaging and give important information. The white ink stickers, in particular, can be used for your logos to make them stand out more or to spread the word about all that your company has to offer to any and all passersby. Similarly, we also offer product labels.

Next up is our hang tags. Ever gone shopping for clothing and, for the life of you, you could neither find the price of the item nor any other useful information about it? Chances are, that item of clothing was missing its handy hang tag. Hang tags are an easy and efficient way to provide essential information to your customers. Affixed to every garment that your company produces or sells, these hang tags will ensure that no customer leaves the store with a subpar item because they didn't want to ask the person at the counter to scan the item for them. A popular choice for hang tags is our foil hang tags. Why risk any chance of your item's tags being ignored? These foil hang tags provide that extra “oomph” of custom packaging that will take your hang tags the extra mile.

Tie it all together with gummed tape or another of our custom tapes to ensure that all your custom packaging goes by without a hitch. From design to your doorstep, we're here to help with your custom packaging, so please do let us know if you need any help. Whether you need help designing your custom packaging or want to know about quantity options and shipping times for custom packaging, we're here to help you out!

Ordering Product Packaging

Adding Specialties

Make use of our enormous selection of various specialties for your custom packaging, such as soft touch laminate, white ink, foil stamping (using our diverse foil color chart), letterpressing, embossing, debossing, edge painting, die cutting, velvet lamination, digital foil (limited colors), duplexing (making materials ultra thick), spot UV coating, and rounded corners. Those of you who will no doubt go on to make repeated use of these custom packaging services offered through our custom packaging will benefit from a corporate account. A corporate account means having a one-stop shop for everything printing. Whether you're taking advantage of our custom packaging, including packaging box printing, and wondering What are Packaging Sleeves?, or exploring other categories of our printing services, you'll be able to restock, browse previous designs of yours, and get help from our design team with the click of a button.

Customization Options

The details of the customization options will, of course, change depending on the specific type of custom packaging and labeling that you're employing. Regardless of the type of product packaging you're purchasing, you'll be able to fully customize its design, making use of CMYK color printing to your heart's content. Most products allow for custom sizing and even material/paper use. There are also plenty of specialties at your disposal. We look forward to your order!