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What Is The Right Sticker Material For Your Next Product?

These premium die cut stickers can brighten up any product.

How To Pick The Right Material for Your Next Sticker Order

You have procured thousands of bottles to be shipped out soon and you have decided to label them with easy to use sticker labels. The problem is, you found that the sticker industry, especially what material the stickers are made of, is far more detailed than you previously thought. How are you supposed to know which material to select for your next order of sticker labels? A manufacturer who knows their sticker label material will know how to show off their products best and how to get the most out of each sticker order. The message and tone of your brand will determine what type of sticker label you should choose. Let us break it down for you in layman’s terms, so you are an expert the next time you go to order sticker labels.  

The top materials you will find in the sticker world are:

  • Vinyl Material
  • Polyester High Performance Material
  • Static Cling
  • BOPP Label Material
  • Laminates (Not a material, but good to know about)

Still confused? No worries. Below we will describe each material, give you sample pictures for reference, and give you ideas on what orders these sticker label materials are best used for. 

Vinyl Material

Elevator Pitch: A safe choice due to its durability against all temperatures, surfaces and weather conditions. 


  • Comes in white and clear
  • 3 mil to 4 mil thickness
  • Feels soft and flexible
  • Appears matte before printed
  • Compatible with most surfaces
  • Weather-proof
  • Best choice for bulk stickers

Uses: These stickers can be used for endless different occasions, that is why they are the most commonly ordered sticker type on the market. Their durability and flexibility allow them to adhere to any shaped surface and stay firmly on for 9-11 years, resisting UV radiation. Use them for your next industry give-away at a tradeshow. Use them to securely label pipelines or machine parts. Take advantage of the highly professional looking clear vinyl material. When applied clear vinyl is nearly transparent, allowing the lettering or logo to show off. Add White ink lettering to add a touch of elegance. These vinyl stickers can be placed on rental equipment, car bumpers, bike rentals. The possibilities could go on and on. If you are unsure about where to start with sticker material, you can always rely on vinyl stickers as a safe and satisfying choice. 

Polyester High Performance Materials

Elevator Pitch: A favorite in the industrial sector this sticker can withstand high heat, oil and water exposure, and tough abrasion.  


  • Comes in white, clear, silver, but most popular: chrome, for it’s stainless steel look
  • 2 mil thick (much thinner than Vinyl)
  • Highly durable and long lasting
  • Stands up against high heat, scratches and scuffs
  • Naturally glossy and pearlescent looking, giving off a high-end impression


These stickers are used most often with heavy duty equipment. You will see them on water heater’s and under the hood of vehicles. Slap them on any machine part, as they are an excellent choice for labeling. They won’t melt under extreme temperatures or peel off when constantly scraped over. On top of their practicality, polyester stickers give a nice chrome or mirror-like finish. Reminiscent of stainless steel, these sticker labels will look great on any machine part whether the machine is old or new. 

Static Cling

Elevator Pitch: A material perfect for decor as it uses a natural static charge to stay on, allowing you to reposition or remove the stickers without leaving residue behind. Perfect for decals on windows and glass doors.


Slap these eye-catching stickers on any non-porous, flat surfaces and watch the magic happen. The unique thing about this material for stickers is that it doesn’t use adhesive glue that can leave unwanted gunk behind when removed or destroy a surface long term. The natural static charge this material creates allows these stickers to stay on securely while at the same time allows for easy removal or repositioning. No need to scrape this material off. Simply peel and restick. Your front windows at your restaurant or glass doors at your business will stay clean while presenting beautiful static cling decals. Check out our popular transfer decalsvinyl lettering decalwindow clings, or window decals for great choices. 

BOPP Label Material

Elevator Pitch: A stronger and more transparent plastic material, more solvent resistant than vinyl and more budget-friendly than polyester material.


  • Used for various products such as food packaging, plastic bags and labels
  • A more upscale look with its coating, adhesive and colors
  • Stands up against oil and water
  • Has a mirror-like finish
  • Comes in chrome (silver), clear, removable white or permanent white


Elevator Pitch: While not a material in itself, this added protection overlays on your sticker’s surface to keep it from scratches, scuffs and eventual fading from the elements. 


  • An extra added protection
  • Comes in UV , Matte, or Clear
  • The necessity of laminates depends on the sticker printer used


Laminates shouldn’t really be put in a material discussion but we knew you would ask. The sticker’s material is overlaid with laminate if you want to get technical. But we thought it is necessary to include in this sticker material discussion as many print shops have differing opinions on the necessity of laminates. Laminates offer extra protection depending on their type:

UV Laminates

This overlay protects your sticker against eventual fading under the sun. Perhaps you are handing out bumper stickers at your next trade show. Overlay them with a nice UV laminate to protect them from fading. Let your brand shout from the backend of cars in traffic for years to come. 

Matte Laminates

This laminate keeps your sticker free from scratches and scuffs but avoids any type of glossy or shiny look. Add this laminate on die-cut stickers or custom matte stickers.

While laminates may give you a peace of mind, if your budget is tight you can depend on our top-of-the-line printers to produce stickers that don’t easily get scratched or faded. Laminates are a great addition, but with Gold Image Printing’s quality sticker labels, it is not a necessity. 

Rolls Vs. Individual Cut

Stickers can come printed in rolls or on individual sheets. Keep in mind if you need roll labels printed, perhaps for a continuous feed situation, roll labels are only printed on BOPP material. If you need sheet labels, vinyl is the material for you.

Ready to Order?

Now that you understand sticker label material, you are better equipped to start your order. Head over to our Sticker Label Printing Services page to find copious amounts of choices in different shapes , colors and sticker material. IF you are still unsure about your choices, always use our custom quote form to discuss with our designer on your next sticker order, or read our other post I Have Some Questions About Sticker Labels.