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What are packaging sleeves?

Packaging sleeves  or belly bands as they are sometimes referred to, are a popular way to brand your product. This approach allows you to save money on your packaging while maintaining an effective branding campaign. It also cuts down on paper waste and plastic use to allow your company to look professional while being also environmentally friendly. 

So where do you start with packaging sleeves? Here we will answer the following questions:

  • What are packaging sleeves?
  • Why choose custom packaging sleeves?
  • What products pair well with packaging sleeves?
  • How do I order packaging sleeves?

Let’s begin with defining this great product. Tired of cumbersome boxes that need to be folded and slipped into place? Sick of the miles of plastic needed to cover every inch of your products? Packaging sleeves are the answer to these problems.

 Packaging sleeves are simple, yet effective paper that wraps around the middle of a product such as soap bars, jars, or even t-shirts. Basically, imagine a paper box and then mentally cut off the top and bottom, and you have a packaging sleeve. A paper band, in effect.  This paper is usually made of thick, durable paper stock that firmly holds its place on the product. The high cost of boxes or plastic sheathes can be avoided while the beauty and the quality of your branding can be maintained. 

The packaging sleeve can be printed on any color paper stock and have any color and design printed on its surface. Here you can display your brand name, tell more about the product and display nutritional information or instructions. There are even specialties you can add like foil stamping to make your paper sleeve personal and specific to your company and product. 

Why choose custom packaging sleeves?

Packaging sleeves offer many advantages to you and your business. While the cost advantage may be at the forefront, don’t overlook the added advantages of style and a unique look that opting with a packing sleeve instead of a box gives your product. 

The high quality – low price choice

Perhaps you are starting out a new business or you simply want to be cautious with your purchases right now. Packaging sleeves offer much more reasonable prices than a custom made box. You can make the sleeve personal with added specialties but still feel good about the total price. 

The endless choice

Another great advantage that packaging sleeves offer is their versatile nature. The bands can be styled in endless combinations. Browse through our paper stock options, specialties like die-cut or foil stamping, Check out our Pantone color system to find the exact ink color. For any job, from classy to sassy, you will find a packaging sleeve that fits the mood.

The changeable choice

A fantastic benefit of packaging sleeves is the fact that you can order only a few each season. This allows you the chance to change your packaging more often with an affordable price. Imagine the Christmas season is coming up. Why not add some holly designs to your soap packaging sleeves? Is Fourth of July around the corner? Add some red, white, and blue ink to the belly bands wrapped around your jars of pickles or package of t-shirts. Avoid piles of unused boxes that are no longer fitting for this season. Enjoy the convenience of easily ordering fresh packaging sleeves with variations that fit the season.

What products pair well with packaging sleeves?

 Soap packaging sleeves

Waste free living has become extremely important and even attractive to many people today. This has come with a desire to steer clear of unnecessarily plastic wrapped products. Younger people especially search the shelves for vintage looking, plastic free options. Soaps wrapped in packaging sleeves have the rustic, handmade look customers are looking for more and more. A pleasing looking logo printed on a packaging sleeve wrapped neatly around soaps of various colors are on demand these days. 

Custom wedding packaging sleeves 

Packaging sleeves are also called belly bands because they don’t always go with a packaged good. They also go nicely with stationary. Packaging sleeves wrap beautifully around a set of wedding invites. Our wedding printing services are almost endless. Your wedding suite may include wedding invitations, RSVP cardsRSVP envelopesdirection cardsregistry cards and much more. Bind these sweetly together with a beautiful packaging sleeve or wedding belly band. This belly band will match your color and theme. Made from the same paper stock as your other wedding set paper, your guests will be able to organize the set nicely. 

Food packaging sleeves

The beauty of the packaging sleeves is that its minimal cover allows the customer to see more of the product. This is especially successful with food products. The mouth watering goodies sitting behind the glass jars or plastic walls of the container pull the customers to your shelves. The packaging sleeve sits snugly around the container giving just enough information and brand reference but still allows the food itself to draw the customer to grab the container and add it to their cart. Place your brand name on the front of the sleeve or band and on the back you can display important nutritional information, ingredients, and perhaps contact information, for further questions. These sleeves dress up any food product but allow the beauty of the food itself to shine through.

How do I order packaging sleeves?

Our website offers both packaging sleeves or belly bands. Both options come with custom options. You pick the paper stock, paper color, and size. Customize the choices to create the perfect packaging sleeve for you. Not sure where to start? Try our templates to make the process easier for you.

 A packaging sleeve is the most attractive, cost-efficient, earth friendly choice in packing today.