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Shopping for window decorations can be incredibly confusing unless you’re an expert. Even then, with all the terminology that seems to be used interchangeably from place to place, it can be difficult to keep track of what is what. Luckily, we here at Gold Image Printing are here to help set the record straight! For starters, both window clings and window decals are a type of large format printing. What is Large Format Printing? Well, as the name suggests, it’s any printing that is done on a larger surface. That said, this doesn’t mean it HAS to be on a large surface, it just has that capacity and often is. Window clings and window decals also can both be put onto- you guessed it- windows. The greatest difference between the two lies in their versatility for different settings or placements, but there are other differences including pricing, customization options, and common uses. We’ll also discuss the different choices we have for these products here at Gold Image Printing. Read on to get ahead of the game on all the ins and outs of window clings vs window decals!

What are Window Clings?

Window cling printing provides customers with signage made from white vinyl static for short-term applications to non-porous surfaces. While sometimes referred to as cling glass decals, they are in fact different from window decals. They are typically used as custom window clings for storefronts and offer an alternative to your usual more permanent signage. When you order through Gold Image Printing, we can help you with installation anywhere in the United States! Hire our dedicated team of professionals for any event or expo! Let’s have a look at the positives and negatives of window clings:


+  They can be easily placed. If you accidentally put them up wrong (we’ve all been there), you can easily fix any mistakes you’ve made.

+ Since they are affixed with static, they can be removed just as easily as they’re placed. Just peel them right off and they won’t leave any residue. 

+ By choosing Gold Image Printing you’re able to customize your window clings to your heart’s content, from color to designs and custom sizes and shapes.

+ Despite having a slightly higher cost than window decals for your business, they still offer premium quality with a turnaround of just 2 business days!

– Because of their material, they can only be placed on non-porous surfaces like windows, metal, and plastic. If you need some decorations for your walls, window clings are not for you.

– Due to the material and versatility, their price tends to run a bit higher (but is still very affordable)

– If placed in inclement weather or in an environment that frequently changes between hot and cold, you may find them peeling off on their own.

– Borders and designs may not be exact due to the tendency of the materials to shrink and expand.



Our Products

At Gold Image Printing we’re happy to provide you with a wide range of options when you choose us for your decorative window clings. As mentioned earlier, we can also help you out with installation within the United States. Since these are removable window clings, you can choose a lineup to put up for each season or even every expo and event. Consider Halloween decorations that you see people reuse on their windows every year. There’s no reason your business can’t take advantage of these custom printed window clings for all your own needs. Have a fall sale every year? Why not plaster your windows with all the details the day it starts, then change up the signage without a hassle and without leaving any pesky residue behind? Window clings, made from 4 mil White Vinyl Static, will ensure that all your signage needs are met without a hassle year-round. Plus, you can look forward to our window cling printing in custom size and shapes. Now keep reading to find out about window decals.

What are Window Decals?

Window decals provide customers with signage that is often, but not always, used in a larger format. Frequent uses include business window decals, logo window decals, and other clear window decals. Since they may be a bit more difficult to apply because of their potential size, you should learn to rely on our dedicated team of professionals who can help with installation anywhere in the United States for all your expos, events, and more! Let’s now look at the positives and negatives of window decals:


+ Are far more weather-proof than window clings, with the ability to withstand changes between hot and cold. This means you can use them for vehicle windows more easily.

+ Work well for ultra-large format printing since they’ll stay for much longer without need for reapplication. Can also be applied to wood, walls, and more!

+ A bit less costly than window clings at their starting prices, but may end up costing you more depending on the size of your printing.

+ Can be customized into any shape or size of your choosing since you’ll be printing with Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing service!


– A bit more difficult to remove than window clings, but due to the custom vinyl material we use at Gold Image Printing, are still hassle-free.

– You must be careful about design to avoid blending in with the surrounding too much and going unnoticed.

– If you get lower quality window decals (not a problem if you order with us), you may end up with residue and nightmarish hassle when trying to remove them.

– You need to make sure you pick the right one, otherwise you may end up with customers slipping on your signage. See our floor decals for an effortless way to avoid this!

Our Products

Due to the many distinct types of applications of window decals, we have several different products available. In addition to ensuring customers don’t slip on your floors, our floor decals, made from 7mil floor adhesive vinyl, offer a brilliant way to show off promotions or even offer directional signage. Think of all those “stand here, 1.5m/6ft away” signs in stores from the pandemic. Those are all decals. We also offer wall decals made from 6 mil Matte White ReTac Vinyl. These work great in tandem with large format printing as well. And of course, the titular window clings are all the rage, providing a wonderful way to display your advertisement on your entire window without worrying about the rainy season, the blazing heat of summer, or even just a malfunctioning air conditioner. If you’re ever unsure of a setting for your decals, you can ask our team of professionals to help you out with your installation!

The Bottom Line

Window clings and window decals are incredibly similar products. They both offer a customizable, versatile, and affordable way to decorate your storefront, business, and more, while ensuring an all-around hassle-free user experience. With our team of professionals who can aid with installation anywhere in the country, you can lean on us for all your expos and events so you can put your focus elsewhere. Window clings shine when it comes to smaller signage, especially decorations you like to put up and take down seasonally and are great for generating a year-long lineup of excitement for your customers. On the other hand, window decals are better suited for large format displays. It’s true that both absolutely do work for larger formats, but depending on the setting, window decals are a better go-to choice. With all that said and done, the best way of making your decision is by looking through the pros and cons and deciding which you feel is the better choice for your own unique needs. You can also head on over to our custom quote page to ask additional questions and be directed to the ideal product page for your needs. As always, we at Gold Image Printing look forward to receiving your next order and becoming your one-stop-shop for all things printing.