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Here at Gold Image Printing, we don’t just provide you with products. Our goal is to help you through the entire branding process by giving you ideas on our webpage, offering you many varied options in our shopping cart, all the way to the point of purchasing. Then we continue to give you ideas on how to use the products you are purchasing. Here on our blog we love to give ideas on how to get the most out of your products. Recently, we have noticed Mailer Boxes becoming a hot topic and we want to give you some background knowledge and ideas for how to use them best in your upcoming packaging and deliveries. 

What Are Mailer Boxes?

A mailer box is a paper solution to packaging. These highly convenient, foldable boxes are made from paper board unlike normal shipping boxes. Mailer boxes do not need tape, but instead, you assemble them by folding them into place. 

Their high quality comes from the durability that they offer through double sided walls. Mailer boxes are smaller, more affordable packaging and can be custom made to fit your size needs and your brand scheme. You can select the size, color, and material. Their uses are really endless, but you will often see them used for promotional kits, gift and holiday shipping, school boxes and e-commerce of all types. In an era when more and more work is done online and from home, such small packaging and individualized marketing is such a need. Mailer boxes have boomed in popularity since many companies have moved into home offices and online. 
What are some ways you as a business can get the most out of Mailer Boxes?

  1. Place your brand on the outside of your mailer box

What is so attractive about these mailer boxes is that they are like mini-billboards, tirelessly advertising your brand. By placing your brand name and or logo on the top and sides (and even bottom!) of your box, your customer will have more face time with your company than any other product would afford. Often these boxes will sit on shelves, desks or around an office after the customer receives your product or promotional gift. There they will see the brand over and over, retaining your information so as to create loyal to your brand. 

2. Place your brand on the inside of your mailer box

Another beautiful thing about these mailer boxes is the fact that the branding doesn’t stop on the outside. As the recipient opens the box, they can be presented with even more information about you and your company on the inside of the lid. Perhaps it is a minimalist logo or a whole article on your latest products, whatever you’d like, your mailer boxes will have room for it. Take advantage of all the surface area of you mailer box to inform your customer. 

3. Kraft Paper

Another way to use these mailer boxes as so much more than simply packaging, is to show off the values of your company. Mailer boxes in themselves are a great eco-friendly choice as they don’t involve plastic, adhesive tape or any other packaging that is harmful to the environment. You can take this commitment to “green” another step by choosing our beautiful, yet caring Kraft Brown Corrugated paper. Use Kraft Brown Corrugated Paper, a 100% recycled paper, because this paper offers a tangible and visible recycled paper experience to show your customers, first hand, your respect for the environment.  White corrugated paper is an option as well.

The earthy tones and feel of the paperboard will give an eco-friendly aura to your mailer box. As your customer opens up the box, they will gain a new respect for your company. A business that chooses to put the Earth first, is a business you can trust. Something as simple as choosing Kraft material for a mailer box can influence your customer in such a way. Do you love this Kraft paper? We have more products made from this eco-friendly material. Check out our Kraft Paper Business Cards (read more about them here). You also can pair Kraft paper with white ink , which gives such a light and alluring look.

4. Personalized Messages

Customers feel much happier with their experience when they are remembered personally. This is hard to do in a global economy and in an online shopping world. Mailer boxes can help with this. Mailer boxes can reach out and impress on the customer that your business remembers them individually. By personalizing your messages on the mailer box, you can please the customer immensely. Imagine being able to send out custom mailer boxes with personal messages to each customer once a year or around the holidays. Such time and effort will show your care for your customer base and your desire to meet their individual needs. 

5. Custom Printed Stickers

A great way to advertise is by using sticker labels on your mailer boxes. You can use them to seal the box, place them on the top surface of your box or even on the inside flap. These stickers could simply add an appealing look to your box or could remind the customers about of your brand, give instructions for the product inside or list of contents. The uses of such stickers are endless. What is also great is we can provide you with top of the line stickers. You will be impressed with the level of quality and ingenuity found in our sticker collecting. For fancier mailer boxes, opt for foil stickers or embossed stickerswhite ink stickerscircle stickers or oval stickers. For more quirky and casual looks try die cut stickers.

We encourage you to customize all your packaging products. It is easy to do with Gold Image Printing. Check out our packaging services here.
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