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As the holidays approach, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about how you can utilize personalized holiday printing to boost your sales. Whether you’re planning a special winter sale or hot summer discounts, custom holiday printing should be the number one priority in your marketing plan. Your customers are hunting for that perfect gift for their loved ones (or themselves) – so lead them straight to your doors with eye-catching advertising in multiple formats, from seasonal mailers to stunning signage. But beware! It’s easy to pollute your branding with all the colors, slogans, and glitter that each holiday season brings. Designing your holiday print products with intention is key to cutting across the noise. At Gold Image Printing, we’re here to help you do just that. Here’s our list of do’s and don’ts as you prepare to print for the holidays. 

Don’t Dilute Your Brand

It can be tempting to slap some red and green on every item you print for Christmas, but don’t lose your brand’s distinctive look and color scheme. Think about how you can incorporate festive elements while maintaining brand integrity. For instance, you could display professional Note Cards that have a subtle watermark in the shape of a candle as a nod to Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, the winter solstice, and all special days that shine light into the lengthening nights. Or you could splurge on a few sparkling Foil Stamp Business Cards to give out at the events you attend throughout your packed holiday schedule. Gold Image Printing makes it easy for you to organize custom online holiday printing services with the rest of your professional print jobs: open a corporate account with us to see all your print jobs in one place and see how your seasonal items coordinate with your year-round marketing presence.

Do Use Seasonal Promotions

That being said, there’s no time like the holidays to use promotions to boost your marketing presence and, of course, your sales! Most customers do a lot of “window shopping” with their eyes before they start pulling out their wallets. Send out Flyers to your customer base to bring them into your store or increase your web traffic. Spruce up your Catalogs by curating a holiday-themed edition that highlights products that make great stocking stuffers or help customers keep those New Year’s resolutions on track. It’s ok to throw in symbols of the season that resonate with your customers; just make sure they align with your business values and purpose!

Don’t Forget Your Employees

Year-end holidays are the perfect time to boost employee morale with an office party, tightening your team as the new year rolls around. Get them excited for the big day with customized Invitations that are so stunning, they’ll put them on display! Make the event special by setting up a customized Banner where your colleagues can snap a selfie or two. Make it the most wonderful time of the year around your office with a smash-hit work party that they’ll be talking about well into next year!

Do Build Customer Loyalty

Holidays fill people with gratitude – so take advantage of the sentiment by sending season’s greetings to your customers. Gold Image Printing offers printing services for holiday cards that will let your customers feel appreciated – which in turn builds their loyalty to your brand. Postcards are a lovely yet economical option for creating custom holiday cards that warm your customer’s hearts. A little gift never goes amiss, so consider sending out branded Calendars with your upcoming events and promotions already marked, so your customers will be back throughout the year to catch all your great sales!

Don’t Overlook the Details

Whatever item you’re planning to use for your personalized holiday prints, remember that the smallest details can make a big impact. There’s a huge spectrum when it comes to the paper you print on, including thickness, weight, finish, and texture. From recycled Kraft paper to iridescent shimmer cardstock, each paper type lends its own unique personality to the mix. At Gold Image Printing, we can help you sift through these details with resources like our Paper Thickness Guide. Size also matters, especially since postage can add up quickly when your mailing list is long. Check out our guides to Standard Invitation Sizes and Standard Postcard Sizes to get you started on the right footing. 

Do Try Something Different

When all is said and done, the holidays truly are the best time to kick things up a notch with your marketing, grabbing some attention and gaining new customers. So go ahead and try something new with your holiday printing – you might just discover a new look that you’ll keep for the rest of the year! Printing specialties are one of the easiest ways to change things up without re-doing your entire look and feel. Whether it’s White Ink Printing that looks like snow or Digital Foil for festive glam, specialties give that special look that’s just right for the holidays. You can also save yourself some time by opting for specialty services like graphic installation services, where our team will come in and install your new extra-large order of large format marketing quicker than a workshop full of elves. 


Festive seasons bring lots of hype, but don’t let yourself or your brand get lost in the shuffle. Staying focused, having a plan, and making strategic decisions about where to incorporate seasonal elements is the key to making your holiday printing a smashing success. From the type of collateral you choose to send out to the paper type it’s printed on, all these aspects will come together to strengthen your branding presence and bring new customers to your door, not just during the holidays, but throughout the year. This holiday season, give yourself a gift: use Gold Image Printing for your holiday printing needs and receive unmatched quality, service, and support!

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