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In the age of social media, emails, digital presences, and evites, it can be difficult to recognize the value of traditional, physical invitations. Despite the seemingly unlimited potential of the Internet and the digital invitations it makes available, there are a lot of advantages to using physical invitations over digital ones. Throughout this blog post, we’ll explore 5 major reasons you should opt for physical invitations rather than their often-overused e-mail counterparts.

1) Irreplaceable Charm

Put simply, print invitations add an air of exclusivity, elegance, and detail that can’t be achieved through digital invitations. Anyone with access to a computer and the Internet can use an online template to send out a mass of emails with the click of a button. The downside of this is it severely lowers the perceived value and importance of such an invitation. Sure, the event itself may be exciting at a glance, but the charm of a print invitation is completely lost with this option.

Instead, offer the exclusive elegance of modern invitations through printing. Your guests can even be privy to the eye-catching design and detail you’ve put into personalized print invitations, traditional invitation templates will let you take advantage of any style you wish to put forward no matter the invitation size. Consider All-in-One Wedding Invitations for example. You can’t pack all of that into one email without your recipients becoming overwhelmed or losing the oomph of such a strong and helpful print invitation.

2) Tangible Memorabilia- they’re nice keepsakes

In addition to their visual beauty, physical invitations afford tactility- the feeling of paper in your hands carries an irreplaceable charm. Looking for more ideas on how to turn the texture of paper to your advantage? Read our blog post Soft Touch Vs. Velvet! You may also want to check out our specialty Deboss Invitations which are great for noticeable changes to the feeling of logos and lettering. In fact other specialties of ours such as embossingletterpressingfoil stamping, and duplexing increase tactility as well, giving your wedding invitations and physical invitation printing a weight to it unrivaled by any evite.

Standard wedding invitations can benefit by the unique design and personality you ink onto the paper. Before the wedding or other event, your guests can use the print invitations as a keepsake to keep themselves excited for the big day. Afterward, even Business Invitations can act as memorabilia of the event in a way that an email simply cannot replicate. They may frame the invitation to the event or keep it with their other nostalgic items. Finally, whereas email is fixed to a certain size, such as the size of the guest’s laptop screen, your business, party, or traditional wedding invitation size is completely up to you. Take Die Cut Invitations for example. Using die cutting these can hold not only a massive or tiny invitation size for increased effect, but can also hold any shape you can imagine. Talk about style!

3) Won’t Get Lost or Forgotten

As mentioned earlier, for most people, emails are constant. While you may get a lot of physical spam mail it is far easier to distinguish at a glance from a notification from your email inbox. For that reason, print invitations are far less likely to get lost or misplaced. It’s easy for an evite to get lost in the onslaught of daily emails from work, friends, family, social media, advertisements, upcoming events, and more. Don’t risk your evites getting lost in the mix. One solution people tend to come up with for this is to print out digital invitations.

Get the added benefits of charm and tangible memorabilia. Save your guests’ time and printers by putting your best foot forward with physical invitations that demand a physical response. Your Gala Invitations that have been so lovingly put together with added white ink, edge painting, digital foil (with use of our foil color chart), spot UV coating, and even rounded corners will serve your needs far better than any digital invitation ever could.

4) Far-Reaching/Unlimited Scope

Beyond the advantage of print invitations and printed forms of modern traditional wedding invitations being less likely to get lost in an inbox, they let you reach anyone, regardless of their age, background, or career. Though it may not immediately seem like it, many people, especially those who are older don’t have social media or rarely (if ever) check their email. Apart from the older members of the population, many younger people from all occupations will rarely check their personal emails as their internal work emails are where all their focus lies.

Why risk getting lost in the spam filter of someone’s workplace or your evite going to a once-used, now-forgotten email address? Everyone has an address, so let your print invitations be far-reaching and cover an unlimited scope! Those of you looking for increased Real Estate Marketing Success or who want Custom Packaging Ideas will be no stranger to the benefits rendered by physical advertisements and mail.

5) All-Encompassing/The Best of Both Worlds

Get all the benefits of the online marketplace while designing a physical invitation that dresses to impress. Ordering your wedding invitations online for example lets you browse through and customize to your heart’s content, a feature which is heavily sought after in evites. However, when you design your own print invitations online, you’re getting that incredible amount of customization in addition to the 4 major elements described above. In a way, you’re combining the digital advantages through our website with the print advantages of the over two decades of printing experience that Gold Image Printing has. 


Everything from Standard Invitations to specialty print invitations offer massive benefits that outweigh those of invitations sent with a click. You can add charm and tangibility, they won’t get lost or forgotten, they offer unlimited scope, and they give you the best of both worlds with their incredible capacity for customizations and personality. From sizing and shape to paper stocks, print invitations are absolutely the way to go!