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Book binding is just one of the amazing specialty printing services we offer at Gold Image Printing, but it’s one that we take great pride in. We want each and every one of our customers to get the most amazing results no matter which of our incredible book binding services they decide to use. While the table that follows shows the suggested applications for each of the different types of binding we offer, it does not show the limit of our customization. You're more than welcome to send us a request for a custom quote asking for a binding type that's not usually available with a given product. Please note that for such orders, we don't offer rush.

Common sizes for our products that use bindings include: 5.5" x 8.5", 8.5" x 11", 8.5" x 14", and 12" x 18".

Suggested Applications

Product Saddle Stitch Binding Coil Binding Wire-O Binding Perfect Binding
Booklets  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Books  No Yes  Yes   Yes  
Catalogs  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes
Comic Books  Yes No  No  Yes
Funeral Programs  Yes  Yes   No   Yes
Lookbooks  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes
Magazines  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes
Newsletters  Yes  Yes   Yes   Yes
Notebooks  No No  Yes  Yes
# of Pages 8-48ppg (multiples of 4) 8-300ppg+ (on 80gsm) 8-300ppg+ (on 80gsm) 52ppg+ (and cover)

Saddle Stitch

Saddle Stitch example

The saddle stitch is widely used for catalogs and booklets. However, you do want to keep the page number down since this process uses two staples in the middle of the book. It is great and quick, keeping low pricing in mind, and can produce high-quality projects for your convenience.

  • Page count must be in multiples of 4
  • Maximum page count should be 48
  • Ideal for short production runs

Saddle stitch is one of the more simple book binding methods available, and one that people often try to use when trying out book binding DIY projects. However, there is a big leap between home hobbyist saddle stitch binding and the top quality book binding we provide. Using a pair of staples, we’ll perfectly align your pages, and leave you with a book that’s perfect for anything from short stories to catalogs. With our years of experience in book binding, you won’t be wasting any paper making mistakes, and your results will be cost effective and look absolutely professional.

Saddle stitch book binding is an amazing choice if you’re looking for a way to print a short run of comic books, but you can use it for so much more. Any short production run with a page count of 48 or less is a perfect candidate for this classic book binding service.

Saddle stitch is also a great choice for booklet binding. For more information about the best ways you can use a booklet for your business, the Gold Image Printing Blog post Organizing Your Booklet is a great jumping off point. Let our writers’ tireless research save you time and energy while you focus on creating the best content possible for your booklet.  

saddle stitch edges
saddle stitch pages

Coil Binding

coil binding example

Our other popular binding systems are Coil Binding, Spiral Binding for an efficient and professional look. This process is commonly used for Calendars, book reports, or any other upcoming presentations for your next big meeting.

  • Ideal for notebooks, calendars, workbooks, and manuals
  • Opens flat on a desk
  • Offer 360 degree rotation for easy viewing and note taking

Wherever you find people giving presentations, from big corporations to that all important college presentation, you’ll find coil binding. Using a long spiral of plastic as book bindings, coil binding is amazing when you want to provide unfettered access to each page. It’s perfect for event programs, calendars, or anything else you can think of where being able to fold your product 360 degrees. 

Coil binding looks great in professional or educational situations, and is also a really popular choice for employee handbooks, manuals, and so much more.

By adding one of our other specialty printing options, you can really make your book binding project stand out. Spot UV coating is a technique that gives selected elements of your design a glossy, tactile sheen. This is perfect for adding a finishing touch or flourish to a presentation, especially if you want to highlight elements such as your logo.

With any of these book binding types, you want to make sure you choose the right paper or card. That’s another reason to get your book binding done with Gold Image Printing. Our selection of paper stocks is second to none, and with a simple request for a custom quote, we’ll be in touch to sort out the exact specifications of your book binding project. 

coil binding edges
coil binding pages

Wire-O Binding

Wire-O Binding

Should you have a catalog that needs wire-o binding, we can help you with your job. We have all the necessary equipment to produce a high amount of books or catalogs within days so you can have your project ready for your next important meeting. 
  • Allows images to cross over seamlessly
  • Able to mix stocks for increased versatility

Wire-O binding is a book binding technique that seamlessly threads a specially designed length of wire through the edge of your printed material. It’s fantastic for a number of reasons, but a big one is that it allows for easy mixing of paper stocks, which isn’t always the case with other book binding methods. Wire-O binding also allows your book to lay flat, and is available quickly and at high volume. 

These factors make Wire-O binding a top choice for lookbooks, or any other presentation material. To find out more about lookbooks, check out our blog post Lookbooks vs. Catalogs vs. Booklets.

We also offer a host of other specialty printing services which work brilliantly alongside Wire-O book binding. Letterpressing is one of the original printing techniques, and provides both a top quality visual addition to your book binding, but also has a gorgeous tactile element. 

If a luxurious texture is the route you’d like to explore with your book binding, embossing and debossing both provide amazing results. Debossing imprints your design into the paper using pressure, leaving you with a classy, elegant design element. Embossing presses out from the back of the page, leaving behind a raised image which not only looks brilliant, but feels amazing too.

Wire-O Binding edges
Wire O Binding Pages

Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding Example

We also offer paperback books, which are referred to as perfect binding. This process is used with hot glue, which binds the book; it would be ideal for the book to be more than 1/8" in thickness for superior quality. In fact, you're welcome to add perfect binding to any of our bound book printing products using a custom quote. Budget-permitting, this is honestly the best type of binding for your printing that's out there!

  • Presentable and elegant way to display your project
  • Perfect for high-page count magazines, catalogs, books, etc.
  • Minimum Page count of 52ppg

When we think of books, our minds typically conjure up visions of classic paperbacks, using book binding glue to meticulously bring together pages into an immaculate final product that looks professional and will stand the test of time. When you come to Gold Image Printing for your book binding, you have the option to use this time tested method on your own products. Lovingly arranged, and bound using hot glue, this is the ultimate in professional book binding techniques. 

Perfect binding is the ideal book binding method for almost any of our specialty binding products. If you request a custom quote, we’ll get in touch to help you take the next step in the book binding process.

If you'd like to add a unique edge to your perfect binding, then one of our other specialty products, edge painting, is an excellent choice. Why shouldn’t your book look beautiful from every angle? 

You could also add a unique flair by opting for foil stamping, which uses our incredible foil color chart, or digital foil, which has a more limited but no less beautiful choice of colors.  

When deciding how to bind a book, whether you’re looking for softcover or hardcover book binding, you can benefit from our design services, and corporate account. When you come to Gold Image Printing for your book binding, you also get the benefit of our years of experience in the printing, design, and binding industries. Our incredible team of designers will work with you every step of the way if needed, to ensure that your final bound book looks amazing, no matter which book binding service you choose. And if you opt for a corporate account, you’ll also be able to take advantage of a personalized homepage which lets you bypass the main website.

perfect binding edges
perfect binding pages

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