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Printing Accessories

No custom printing job is complete without the necessary Sign Hardware to put your masterpiece on display. So grab your printing accessories from Gold Image Printing! We offer all the essentials you need when it comes to mounting for signage, and we’ve collected it all in one place. Whether you need a sturdy Double LL Mount to hold your Custom Gator Board sign upright, or minuscule mounting hardware for Acrylic Mirror Signs, Gold Image Printing stocks Sign Hardware to suit every project type. Snag a complete kit of signage mounting hardware before you submit your order with Gold Image Printing, your one-stop shop for printing. From start to finish on each printing project, we provide exceptional quality, service, and support that make us the leading online printing service around. Find out for yourself when you complete your printing package with our Sign Hardware today!

Common Materials and Sizing

The materials and sizing of the Sign Hardware we offer range as widely as the printing services we provide. Our metal Mightee Mounts can be up to 36” wide, while our adhesive chipboard Easel Backs come as small as 4” high. For large format boards and signs that need to stand upright, like Custom Cardboard Cutouts, it can be helpful to choose heavier sign mounting hardware like a Double LL Mount or Spider Feet. If you plan to hang a lightweight item on the wall, Double Sided Mounting Tape is an unobtrusive solution - a little goes a long way with our 164’ rolls. Durable metal, plastic, and long-lasting adhesive are some of the premium materials used for our sign mounting accessories, especially for rugged applications like outdoor sign mounting hardware. You never have to guess whether your printing Sign Hardware will be made from quality materials when you purchase through Gold Image Printing: we only supply Sign Hardware that will get the job done, with long-lasting results!

Design Help 

Here at Gold Image Printing, we pride ourselves on being your all-in-one printing company. This includes multiple free design tools to elevate your design - and help you determine which Sign Hardware to pair with it! One tool we offer is our downloadable design templates in common standard sizes for your project of choice. Simply download a template in a format that works for you (AI, PSD, PDF, or JPG) and let your inner designer do the rest. If you prefer to start from a professional-grade project template that’s been created by one of our in-house designers, simply click Proceed to Design and navigate to the Design Online option. Many of our most common printing categories have pages of professional and eye-catching templates that are easy to plug and play. If it’s a little creative inspo you’re after, spend some time browsing our Gold Image Printing Blog. We guarantee it will get those creative juices flowing in no time! In addition to these online tools, we also offer one-on-one design help from a member of our creative team. Simply submit a custom quote request to tell us about your project, and our team will be in touch to discuss your vision and create a unique design just for you. With all the fully customizable printing services and Sign Hardware available through Gold Image Printing, why would you go anywhere else?

Types of Accessories

Printing Accessories and Their Unique Benefits

There are different types of standard Sign Hardware that everyone should know about. First, there is Double Sided Mounting Tape, which comes in rolls and can be cut to size to mount your lightweight artwork directly against the wall. Its thick, foamy texture absorbs impact so there’s no risk of your piece being knocked out of place. If you want to leave a gap behind your artwork for some pleasing whitespace, then a pack of our Aluminum Stand Offs is the right option for you. Suction Cups offer a truly renter-friendly solution for sign mounting hardware. Large format items like custom Boards can be held upright with Spider Feet that come in one adjustable size. To offer a bit of height that draws attention to your custom-designed Signs, opt to display them with Sign Floor Stands or Lollipop Stands. Each of these items comes in one standard size, which is why we offer such a large variety of types and applications so that you can select the standard option that works best for your needs.

Adding Specialties

We make it our job to ensure that your specialty printing services are exactly that: special! We recognize that sometimes even your Sign Hardware might need a customized touch, which is why we offer multiple sizing options for several types of Sign Hardware we carry, to suit both large and small formats. Easel Backs come in miniature and larger sizes and can be used to display both tabletop signs and large signs. Poster Sign Holders are perfect for those eye-catching Custom Posters, while Cable Displays lend museum-quality elegance, and can be configured in different ways depending on the number of pieces in your display. For large format Boards, a sturdy floor stand like our Double LL Mount or Mightee Mount will hold your signage fast. In addition to specialty items, we are pleased to offer specialty services like graphic installation services. Don’t waste your valuable time messing with drills and measuring tape when our professional team can bring your artwork and Sign Hardware to you and install it according to your specifications. It’s just one more way we make your life a little easier! Speaking of which, have you opened a free corporate account with Gold Image Printing? We created this online portal with professionals like you in mind, so you could save all your print jobs in one place and easily order the Sign Hardware you need while enjoying our exclusive corporate discounts. It’s also a space where you can connect with our team, request a custom quote, and let us know what specialties you would like to add to your next order, even if you don’t see them in the shopping cart. Get access to everything you need for your print marketing when you open a corporate account with us today!

Ordering Accessories

Customization Options 

By now, you’re probably familiar with the many ways we allow you to customize your order here at Gold Image Printing. Some of our Sign Hardware, like Mightee Mounts, allow you to choose your finish, whether black or silver. Our specialty products offer various size options, and you can always submit a custom quote request to ask about additional sizing options for your project. Before you check out, make sure you select your quantity and verify whether your mounting hardware comes in sets (like our four-pack Aluminum Stand Offs). Most of our Accessories offer a one-business-day turnaround time. You read that right: we’ll have your items ready to ship within one business day, a nearly unbeatable timeframe (specific shipping times may vary based on location). This incredible service, support, and quality are what you can expect from Gold Image Printing, your all-in-one printing company, every single time. Print flawless artwork, display it beautifully with customized Sign Hardware, and do it all in one place with Gold Image Printing, the leading online printing service!